Saturday, August 3, 2013


Me: "Hey, want to get your swim suit on and go in the lake?"

Mags: "No, thanks. Just leave me to my swinging, please."

It's all about taking time to enjoy the simple things in life. 
I love it when she reminds me of that. 


  1. This reminds me so much of the hours and hours I spent on my tire swing when I was a kid. So simple. Just swinging, alone with my thoughts. And my swing was right by the lake too. Thanks for bringing back those memories Mel. xo

  2. What a great picture! I just got back from Buffalo - went to Lake Erie - I could stay there forever, but sadly, our visit was short...

    Mags is right. It's nice to just chill and slow down. :-)

  3. Thank you, and thank Mags for me, too. I found myself take a deep breath and relax just looking at that picture after reading your words.
    Hope you guys are having fun!

    Peace, love, and light,

  4. I love that your daughter can just be alone and enjoy a simple activity. That is something we work hard to instill in our boys. So many children seem unable to do this these days. They want constant entertainment to be supplied at all times.

  5. Ah, that picture is just the essence of Peaceful.
    I love that she knows how to just RELAX (as an adult, I miss that so much, that moment of just relaxing...I fear it's gone forever. :( )

    I just loved looking at her time on the swing. :)

  6. Found you through Blog hop I don't like mondays......I have a Maggie....She often reminds me of the simple things by the things she stops and looks at or notices...

    Erin....AKA Chronically sick manic Mother.

    (blogspot and I differ on my existence)

  7. Tire swing are the best because you can

    a) swing, and that rules

    b) practice your baseball pitching'

    c) practice your football throwing (I won 27 superbowls thanks to my football tossing accuracy in my backyard)

  8. Ahhh... outside. My boy only wants to watch TV, which is my fault for even ever letting him because I want to BLOG! Whose idea is that anyway? Lucky girl.

  9. That picture made me feel so relaxed just looking at it.

  10. This is beautiful. It truly is the simple things for kids. We should take a cue from them.

  11. I love that swing. Wish I had one.

  12. Oh, you need to frame that one. Great photo!