Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ketchup With Us - #25

Today signifies something special on the blog. A year ago today, Michele and I poured out our 'Ketchup With Us' link-up. That's right! 'Ketchup With Us' is one-year-old today. Our sweet KWU is now saying a few words, starting to eat some solids and moving all around. In honor of that, we're talking about memorable birthdays in your life. Come share the good, the bad and the ugly with us!

 For example: 

My 28th birthday was a memorable event. I was sleep-deprived, sore, bloated and madly in love. My little man was born two weeks prior. As my parents and husband sang the birthday song to me, I remember hushing them a little so they wouldn't wake a very colicky and fussy baby.  
Priorities, people!

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'KETCHUP WITH US' - Prompt 25

In 57 words or less, tell us about an incredible, disastrous or otherwise memorable birthday in your life.



  2. Oh my gosh - how sweet. I miiiisss the days when they were so little and snuggleable. Um...but minus the sleep deprivation and all that. Happy Birthday Mel! xoxo

  3. That is a precious photo with you and your little man.

  4. Happy Birthday. Love the picture. I was late with my prompt. Maybe A for effort. Here's the link. I found out I was pregnant on my birthday in 2001. Very good memory.