Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Grand Entrance

Me: "You're the best boy that ever happened to me."
Tuck: "And you're the best Mama that ever happened to me."
Me: "Gimme a kiss goodnight before you make me cry."
Tuck: "How about I toot? That will REALLY make you cry."
Me: "What a precious moment."

You can never imagine the power he'll have over you. Every part of your being belongs to him forever. A place in your heart so deep that no one could find it. It's unfathomable. The love that begins with a plus sign on a plastic stick. It grows with each passing day. So much so, you feel almost hesitant to dive in head first. That is...until you hear his heartbeat. See his fuzzy little being on a screen. Hold your belly tight as he wiggles, kicks and hiccups inside of you. Then, you meet him. Hold him close. Kiss his face. Count his fingers and toes. There's a lifetime of memories to be made at your fingertips. 

And when you turn around for just a moment...he's eight. 

Happy Birthday to our sweet, charming, fun-loving, cautious, 
intelligent, funny boy! 

To read about Tuck's exciting entrance into the world, 
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  1. Happy Birthday, Tuck! What a little charmer!

  2. Happy birthday to Tuck and you! Hope it's a great day.