Saturday, September 7, 2013


Chris: "Guess what this weekend is kids?"
Tuck: "Bills vs Patriots!"
Mags: "Go Patriots!"
Chris: "What? The Bills are going to rock. Right Tuck?"
Tuck: "No, Daddy. They probably won't. I just hate to see you disappointed."

Every year around this time, the Bugaj household starts buzzing. Not only does the school year begin, but so does FOOTBALL season! Our family looks forward to it every Sunday from September to February. If you've been hanging around here for a while, you also know that our house is split right down the middle. The boys are Buffalo Bills fans while the girls root for the New England Patriots. 

Mags, in true girlie-girl style, loves to look her best when cheering on her favorite team. She rocks her bright pink Pats shirt each week. Being a little fashionista, she's always looking to add a little pizazz to her sporty attire. And this year, we found something SO fabulous, we had to share it with all you. 

Let me introduce...

Blurb credit: Michele at ODNT
Could it be more adorable? Trust me, it couldn't. The fashion-forward 
owner, Olivia Knudsen, graciously sent me an outfit to see for 
myself.  I was impressed even before I opened the package. 
Her signature Kapri Couture Box and polka dotted tissue 
paper added the perfect flair to the presentation. 

Olivia's attention to detail and design complete each outfit. 
When I CAREFULLY unwrapped the tissue paper, this is what I found inside...

Did you just "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE" as loudly as I did? Mags wasted no time getting the leggings and headband on to test out her new look for Sunday. Then she grabbed a ball and ran with it. Literally. 

How can YOU get your littlest football fan decked 
out in this sassy apparel? It's simple! 

Peruse the Kapri Couture shop online.
Stay tuned to her latest fashion line reveals on Facebook

To top it all off, Kapri Couture can customize the outfit to fit your team's colors. 
That way, you can bring fashion to the field on game day.

Go get 'em, Pats...ummm...I mean....TEAM!
(Nah. I really meant Pats.)


  1. That just may be one of the cutest things I have ever seen. Mags is totally rocking that look. Will definitely be checking out Kapri Couture!

    Go Pats. (Really I mean "Browns", but whatever...) :)

  2. What an absolutely sweet outfit and Mags will look perfect in it. I know I've said it before but when I see such cute clothes, I wish I had a girl as well!

  3. I have to agree with Tuck.
    No,they probably won't...

  4. As a Jets fan, I'm cheering for stadium implosion with no injuries and a tie.

    Seriously, she's over the top adorable.