Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Me: "What's the deal with the popcorn kernels in the Bubba Gump glass?"
Chris: "I can't tell you."
Me: "Seriously? It's taking up space on the counter. Can we at least move it?"
Chris: "No. I need it right there. It's not hurting anything. It's just a collection of mine."
Me: "Fine. I won't move it if you tell me why you're collecting the kernels."
Chris: "If you think hard enough, you'll be able to figure out why."
Me: "I'm afraid to even try."

Alright my friends. I need your help. See the glass below? The one filled with popcorn kernels and the picture of a smug little shrimp on the front of it. Just look at him smirking at me. HE knows why Chris is keeping this glass full of popcorn. 

Of course, this has become an unspoken game of wits in our home. I hide the glass somewhere in the house.  It's gone off the counter for a day or so. But, like a boomerang, it ends up right back on the counter again after Chris discovers where it is. 

So, I'm asking you. YES! Especially you in the back with 
the shirt that reads "RIP Pluto." 

Why do you think my husband is collecting popcorn kernels?
(Besides the fact he knows it's driving me mad.)


  1. A kernel as a marker for something the kids (or wife) did?
    He's on a diet. When he fills the glass, he can make the popcorn and eat it, but he can only add a little at a time so he doesn't eat it so often?
    He's using it suck all teh moisture out of the air because it's less essential than rice?
    He's been monitoring the records for most kernels of popcorn stuffed in one's nose, and every time someone ups the record he has to add more so he can be declared "Master Of Nasal Popcorn"?
    He knew you would be posting on a day I was incredibly bored, so he gave something I could prattle on incessantly?

    1. Or, if you have a trip coming up or event, he's using it as a sort of reverse hourglass to the date!

  2. My first thought was Guapo's last. But in a quick estimate of just the kernels showing in the picture (which lacks the true depth of the glass), I came up with 203. Maybe it's days till next summer? I have no idea. Do you notice if the kernel number is growing or diminishing?

    You COULD take some out and mail them to me in a simple act of defiance. Or pack them in his lunch tomorrow. Or place them in his wallet. The possibilities are endless!

    Also ... who cares? Get some rest. :)

  3. I'm thinking something fab is going to happen when he fills it all the way to the top? So mysterious!!!

  4. I think the sole reason is to drive you mad. OOH! Or maybe he's making a bean bag chair, but like, with kernels instead. Ooh, ooh, or maybe...um...yeah I got nothing. Dammit! Now I really wanna know too.