Friday, November 1, 2013

Ketchup With Us - #29

Mags: "Mama! Where did that bruise come from on the back of you leg?"
Me: "What bruise?"
Mags: "The HUGE one right there?"
Me: "Oh, yeah. Hmmm. Not sure."
Mags: "That's not normal."

There have been many a time that I don't know how I got a barrage of bruises. It's the life of a mom. We're all moving too fast and things like Legos underfoot and train tables directly at shin level won't get in our way...for long. I wish I could say that these mystery injuries came with being a mom, but I've always been a little bit...clumsy.  My poor dad can attest to that as he recounts one of my infamous childhood injuries. I swear the poor guy still dreams about my ice skating style...or lack thereof. 

He was just inches away from catching his overly ambitious daughter. The Winter Olympics were in full force and I was going to be the next Nancy Kerrigan. My dad referred to MY move as the "Triple Sow Cow Double Butt Slam." I was up, spinning and then...and then...KABOOM! Tailbone broken.

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'KETCHUP WITH US' - Prompt 29

In 57 words or less, tell us about your DUMBEST INJURY ever. (Or, if you're like me, pick one of them.)


  1. haha! triple sow cow double butt slam! Did you stick the landing? ;) I"m the klutz of the universe. Always falling down. Always.

  2. See the fact that you even GOT on ice skates is more than I would ever do. I was always terrified of those blades.

  3. I was visiting a friend in Houston & was going to the store for wine. As, I opened the door from her house to the garage, I turned to ask her one last question, not realizing that the door from the house to the garage had an auto-close mechanism. I continued walking, ran *SMACK* into the edge of the door, & gave myself a mild concussion.

  4. hahahahahaha

    I have a few of these. You should ask Bo about her various dumb injuries too.

    Hope y'all had a wonderful ween o hallow

  5. I don't remember breaking any bones, but I have bruised my pride.

  6. Woohoo, featured! Throwing my lot in now...
    I'm fine!

  7. Once while curling my hair I noticed that if you look at a bathroom sink faucet spout from the right angle, the light prisms will break up to form a beautiful rainbow. I was so enchanted by the colors and the idea of finding beauty in even the simple things that I not only forgot I was curling my hair, but somehow managed to go what was probably 4 whole seconds before realizing that I was resting the curling iron on my shoulder. Thanks to my Adult Attn Deficit Disorder, I now have a humongous burn scar perched atop my shoulder like a little guardian angel to always remind me of the dangers of romantic, idyllic thought.

    (Now I should probably go check to make sure a rattlesnake isn't dangling off my ankle or something...)

  8. Ouch! That had to have hurt big time. And then you had to tell people you broke your ass. Bummer.