Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Little Christmas Chat with Mags

Me: "How was your last day before break, Mags?"
Mags: "Good! We drank hot chocolate and Ms. B read The Polar Express."
Me: "That sounds like a perfect day to me!"
Mags: "It was...except for what Tommy said."
Me: (deep breath) "Oh no! What did he say?"
Mags: "At the end of the story, he said something about Santa. Well, I'll just tell you. He said that Santa wasn't real."
Me:  "Oh, man. What did you say when he said that?"
Mags: "I looked him right in the eye and said, 'THAT IS JUST CRAZY TALK, TOMMY!'"
Me : (exhale)

The moral of the story: 
You better get your Santa on...or else. 


  1. Look at that face! Don't mess with that cutie!

  2. As long as no one tries to disavow the Easter Bunny...

  3. Oh Mags, you are such a cutie pie.

    Believe is my word for every Christmas season, and I do. :)

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to your whole family.