Tuesday, December 31, 2013



  Last year I wrote a New Year's post inspired by a blogger, Chris Brogan

Choose three words for 2014 that will help define your goals. 

And here I am again, reflecting on my three words for 2014. Since it's no fun to ponder by yourself, I asked the better half of my writing brain, Michele, to join me. You can read her three words at ODNT Headquarters

As for me, well, take a look …

Patience - In general, I'm not Mother Teresa patient. My patience has an abrupt drop off, much like the ocean. I think I have a handle on things and then …BOOM! I'm in over my head. Around Thanksgiving, I was inspired to gain control over one of my less than appealing parenting tactics … yelling. It was my "go to" method for dealing with the kids. Since then, I've held fast and steady. I'm proud that I conquered the yelling thus far. I'm hoping this will also help me also be patient with my own personal growth. 

Appreciation - I honestly don't appreciate what and who is around me enough. I really want to take the time to focus on and pay closer attention to the little things in life … and give them the credit they deserve. 

Simplicity - Keep it simple. Period. The. End.

What are your three words for 2014? 
You can share them in the comments 
or write your own post about them! 

Happy New Year!


  1. That you have given up yelling makes me just want to … want to … SCREAM AT YOU RIGHT NOW!!!! SERIOUSLY?????

    I mean … happy new year … *slinks away*

  2. Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude.

    Happy New Year Mel. xo

  3. I responded in Twitter before with Move more often, but now am inspired by your reflection to dig a little deeper. How about:
    Wait (as in think twice before I speak--to my kids, especially, since I tend to get into that whole yelling thing, too and maybe if I waited and gathered my wits, I might come up with something more effective than yelling)
    Trust (as in trust that the people, i.e. kids and husband, around me will do what they need to do without so much prodding from me--especially since one of those kids is going off to college and is going to have do it without my reminders anyway)
    Relax (as in learn to allow myself to just sit there and not get something "productive" done--and its ok if others just sit there, some of the time anyway, and waste a little time relaxing)
    Happy New Year, Mel! Thanks for inspiring me, once again with your writing :)

  4. My three:
    1. Consolidate - I have notes to myself everywhere. Evernote, Google Docs, Word, Reminders app, Google Calendar, Tasks on my Google Calendar, Note app, Voice Memo app, Recordium App, and good ole paper. I'm good at getting my thoughts out so they don't clutter my mind but I'm not good at putting them all in one place so I can find them later. That changes this year. (Point in fact, I went looking for my 3 words from last year and couldn't find them...Play, Laugh, Move...I think they were). I think "consolidate" and "simplicity" go hand in hand, no?
    2. Interact - I use social media all wrong. I use Twitter to shout out my content rather than engage in other people's content. I want to consume other people's content, comment on it, and interact with them through thoughtful dialogue.
    3. Explore - I think it is time to explore some new frontiers. Movie making? Animation? New Web 2.0 applications? eBook creation? I'm not sure yet, but I want to move beyond writing and podcasting to explore (and create) something new.

  5. 1. Frugal
    2. Patience
    3. Health
    I added this to my blog, thanks for the great writing idea:

  6. Happy New Year Mel! I also have patience on my resolution list (actually it's been on there the past 2 years but maybe the 3rd time will be the charm!)
    2. Appreciate the little things in life.
    3. Try to view my glass as half full instead of half empty. I always used to think that way but lost it a few years ago after the loss of one too many loved ones! (sorry for the run on sentence teacher ;) )

  7. LOVE the picture. Can that be one of my words? Rock out? Wait that's two words. Hi! I miss you, will I see you this summer?
    I've got three:
    Relax - my TMJ is out of control
    Organize - too too much clutter
    Moderate - the stress = eating too much, have to deal with that.
    Yea for your new blog hop!

  8. great picture

    I did the three word resolution post for trifecta and chose - Work Harder, Smarter


    Meet You & Michele

  9. Those are excellent resolution words and ones I could totally stand to adopt myself. You are rockin' that photo Mel! Love it!

  10. Eat more pizza.

    I kid!

    Focus (on writing, reading, kids)

    Trust (in myself, my teams, my instincts)

    Aspire (see myself doing those things I dream of doing - why not now?)