Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Modeling the Magic

So the stockings aren't hung by the chimney with care.
In fact, they're hung just about everywhere.

The tree is bottom heavy and leans to the right. 
The ornaments clumped together are always a sight.

Those treasured collection of Nutcrackers you adore,
are haphazardly "marching" across the kitchen floor.

No more Pinterest perfect cookies set out on a plate.
They’re buried in sprinkles that challenge their weight.

Christmas card pictures where everyone smiles,
they’re way at the bottom of one of these piles.

Gift wrapping doesn’t involve pretty ribbons, straight edges and bows.
Now it's more tape than paper and the ribbon has tangled your toes.

Thoughtful Christmas shopping has now become a mad dash
As you gather what you can in the cart for your secret stash.

The serene sight of the crèche is not what it was in the past.
It’s now littered with Barbies and one of the kings needs a cast.

Christmas morning now begins at 5AM on the dot.
The coffee is strong with an extra espresso shot.

To compare these moments is something we all do.
Stepping back to take a breath is important for us, too.

Their twinkling eyes tell the story committed to our memory’s vault.
It’s up to us to fuel the magic and watch their imaginations exalt.


  1. Beautifully done! Merry Christmas Bulaj Family! :)

    Stephanie @smtimmons

  2. Merry Christmas, and enjoy the storm of wrapping paper shreds!

  3. Very sweet. And I learned something new with the creche. :)

    Merry Christmas, Bugaj Family!

  4. Bugaj* dang it!!!! :)

    Stephanie @smtimmons