Sunday, December 1, 2013

Plates of Memories

Tuck: "Can I help you set the table, Mama?"
Me: "Sure. I'd love your help. Let's start with the dishes."
Tuck: "Are we using your Nana's plates?"
Me: "Yep. And remember, we need to be careful with them. They're delicate."
Tuck: "I promise I'll be very gentle."
Me: "It's over 50 years old. My nana got it when she got married to my pa."
Tuck: "You get plates for presents when you get married?"
Me: "Not everybody asks for them, but most people do. It's a tradition of sorts."
Tuck: "Well, you know, if you think about it that does make sense. I mean, when you get married and you have to live together, you're gonna need new plates. And since people eat everyday, these will come in handy."
Me: "True. Wanna hear something cool?"
Tuck: "Sure."
Me: "I ate off of these when I was a little girl. Every holiday we'd set up a huge table at my nana and pa's house and all of my aunts and uncles would come over to sit around and eat dinner together. Those are some of my favorite memories."
Tuck: "That's so cool."
Me: "These make me so happy. There are so many memories are in these plates."
Tuck: "Memories and people's spit."
Me: <sigh


  1. So cute. It's like I'm reading a family circus cartoon. :)

  2. Glad to see you can sigh nostalgically over spit.



  3. I teared up reading this, because the china in our family is almost sacred to us. Plus I just love the way children process things, with humor and love and genuine of my favorite parts of parenting is simply looking at the world through their eyes.

    I love when you share things like this.
    Hope your THANKSGIVING was wonderful