Friday, January 3, 2014


Tuck: "Mags! You can't put a huge blob of glue on it like that. That's gonna squirt out of the sides of the paper."

Mags: "Chill out, dude. I'll just lick around the sides like an envelope."

Tuck: "Nooooo! Mags! You can't eat glue. Stop it!"

Mags: (pretending to bend down to lick the glue…hysterically laughing)

Tuck: "Mags! Don't!! MAMA! MAMA! She's out of control!"

My kids, like the thousands of others out there, are opposites in many ways. They've been raised in the same house with the same parents, yes. However, Tuck, our first born, is a product of our hyper-parenting. He's a cautious rule-follower, in the best way possible.

Mags…well…we were WAY more relaxed when she came along. Having two years and three months worth of parenting under our belts revealed to us that these little creatures are pretty darn durable. Mags is our limit tester. She understands the rules, and will follow them, in a round about way.

So, while we were decorating our numbers to make a 2014 for New Year's Eve, the following creations and work spaces didn't surprise me. AT. ALL.

They are complete opposites. But, one thing did become clear to me. When we put the decorated numbers together to make the final product, they each had a different approach and style to offer. And for that I'm grateful. 

From Tuck, Mags is learning that sometimes following the straight line is faster and more productive. From Mags, Tuck is learning to take risks and lessons like there is no such thing as too much glitter. 

Most of all, when you place them side by side, 
they complement each other perfectly. 


  1. Sounds like Mags is trying to drive her brother to his limits. I was like that with my younger brother when we were kids. Giggling all the way!!!

  2. They are all so very different. It is a wonderful moment when the do learn to embrace each other's differences, admire them and learn from them.

  3. Aw, that's really cute. My kids are different like that, too!

  4. I love everything about this. Thanks for sharing!