Thursday, January 23, 2014


Me: <opening one eye> "Yes, Mags, I heard you. But it's 5:30 in the morning and a snow day means we get to sleep in a little bit."
Mags: "No way! We need to get sleddin'. Let's get up and get goin', Mama! Move it or lose it!"
Me: "Oh. I'm about to lose it."

My first year of teaching, I was told the following story by our favorite principal, Preston. He had a way of narrating that captivated his audience. Maybe it was his New Orleans accent or his boisterous laugh, but when he had the floor, everyone sat up and took notice.  Chris and I often refer to the following tale told by Preston at a staff meeting, especially this time of year.

Preston began simply: 
(paraphrasing from Chris and my memory)

"I was standing in the check-out line at the grocery store picking up milk and bread like everyone else. It was a snow day, afterall.  I noticed a mom in front of me struggling with her fighting school-aged kids and balancing a baby on her hip. Her face had a look of defeat. She was obviously worn out. In front of this mom was a young, bright-eyed woman chatting it up with the store clerk. The clerk was ringing up a six-pack of beer as the young woman went on and on about how much she just LOVED snow days. Announcing loudly that she was a teacher, and snow days were AWESOME, didn't seem to temper the mom's look of disdain. 

You see, that mom probably had to call-in to work, cancel appointments, re-arrange meetings or deal with a not-so-empathetic boss. She didn't want to stand in line to hear what a FANTASTIC day this teacher was having gallavanting through the snow with her Sam Adams.

The moral of the story? Teachers are often talked about in a negative light. There are people, often vocal people, who think teachers have it easy. Be mindful of those around you when you are out and about. Not everyone enjoys a snow day." 


  1. I hear you Mel. My mom was a teacher and a harder working person you couldn't find, accept for you of course. I often saw her up to the small hours of the morning correcting papers or working on her daily planner, in those days they weren't given time in school to do this so she had to do it at home. I have always had great respect for anyone who chooses the teaching profession. Have a good snow day!

  2. My children have been out for a week today.. Tomorrow is probably not gonna happen either and more snow coming in on Saturday.. sighs...

  3. Out of the ways of dealing with a snow day, I like your way the best.
    (And Mags the best too, at a later hour.)

  4. Baby Mags! She looks exactly the same. It's all about the hair. Tell that girl we have a date to go sledding together someday. I'm counting the days. :)