Saturday, February 15, 2014


In the interest of saving time, Michele and I are employing an old writer's trick for our KetchupWithUs link-up parties. We set a timer for 10 minutes and start typing, literally writing about whatever pops into our heads for that time period. Then, we hit "publish." Feel free to use the same idea for your post OR link up whatever you want. 

Easiest. Link-up. Evah. Aaaaaaand ….. go!

Soooooo, I have 10 minutes of your almost undivided attention. I'm a mom…who tries to have phone conversations…I know it's not your FULL, undivided attention. Just appease me a little and nod your head every so often. Deal? Perfect. 

Snow. It's the word that is flooding my Facebook page. Pictures of adorable children frolicking in the snow, building snow huts or drinking hot chocolate. Rosy red cheeks are out in full force. Speaking of sweet things, I was awoken this morning by the sweet smell of chocolate and peanut butter on the breath of my children. They were ecstatic that gigantic Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Hearts were on their place mats. Taped to each of these hearts were notes that let them know they could each eat HALF of their chocolate peanut butter goodness for pre-breakfast treats. A little hors d'oeuvres, if you will. 

Side note: Michele is texting me…knowing that I'm trying to type for 10 minutes straight. 

Anyhoo…we, as a family, were productive today. We packed more boxes. I cleaned out my closet…and I'm still here to talk about it. That thing had 10 years worth of memories jam packed inside of it. I found  multiple school art projects that I thought needed to be saved among other mementos. I found my lost black shoe that has been missing since 2009 and a positive pregnancy test labeled "second baby 2007." I totally cried. Sap! 

Oh my goodness, I have 32 seconds left. Now I know how my poor students feel. THE PRESSURE! I have to fill it with something. And now we're down to 12. Do I count down…or just end the sentence right now? What else can I fit in here? I threw away bath toys today. Finished…..BEEEEEEEP! 

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  1. Hey, Mel. Whatcha cookin' for dinner tonight? (echo, echo, echo)

  2. I'm cooking up some leftovers! Wanna come over?

  3. So…I see you guys have a little doughboy toy…;)