Monday, April 14, 2014


Me: "My brain hurts."
Chris: "Make a list. It will help."
Me: "I already have a list. In fact, my lists are starting to have lists about my previous lists."

Anybody's brain feel like a tangled web of "To Do's?" Me, too!

As I was out taking pictures with one of my students, I pointed my lens at a tree. It immediately struck me as looking like my brain. There were so many branches reaching in so many different directions. In fact, the branches were so abundant, that I found some were beginning to intertwine. However, through the branches, the sky is visible. And as these branches of ideas, challenges and projects begin to bloom, it will be a different scene altogether. 

One full of life lessons and accomplishments. 


  1. That is one busy tree. It's just FULL of complicated synapses. Just imagine when the leaves come in how vibrant and lively it will be again. Of course, you won't be able to see the sky anymore. But … the leaves! … And then the branches won't look as tangled … even though they still will be beneath the leaves … which are green … (breaking a sweat)

    (I'm trying for a beautiful metaphor like yours, Mel. But I just don't have the gift. My tree is a tangle of weeds, Mel. WEEDS!)

  2. I love this! It's beautiful to think that the bare branches will soon be replaced with buds and then leaves, showing you the things you've accomplished. It looks kind of messy now, but give it time and it will be a wonder to behold!