Sunday, April 27, 2014


Me: "Okay, guys, tomorrow we are closing on our new house."
Tuck: "What's that mean?"
Me: "It means we sign our name on about 2,596 pages of paper to say that we will pay for and take care of the house from now on."
Mags: "Oh man. You're hand is gonna hurt by the end. That's a lot of hearts."
Me: "Hearts?"
Mags: "Yeah. When I put my name on something important at school, I ALWAYS put hearts over the "i" in Maggie."
Me: "That's cool, but I'm not sure they'd accept hearts in my signature, so I think I'm safe there."
Mags: "Oh, good. Well, at least think about it. It really makes your name look fancy."

This weekend was a long time coming. Our family made a HUGE move. Literally. 

It's been a crazy ride buying a new home, but we had a team by our side that helped us settle each bump along the way. Having someone calm, cool, collected and humorous by your side is always a positive in this process. Having MULTIPLE people like that is a true gift. 

If you live in our area of Northern Virginia, and are looking to move, here are the people to be first on your list to call:



  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! my friend. A new home, may your memories all be sweet. xo

  2. Congrats to you all! Exciting times! I hope it's all you've wanted and more!

  3. Funny. You both have I's in your names, but only the elongated versions of them. Not the lovable nicknames by which you've both become known. :)

  4. Congratulations on your new home Mel!! How exciting!