Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Me: "Tell me all about your field trip!"
Mags: "Well…let me start with the most EXCITING part."
Me: "Okay."
Mags: "The bus had a BATHROOM!"
Me: "NO. WAY!"
Mags: "Yes way. It was a FANCY bus. AND I used the bathroom TWICE."
Me: "How was it? Fancy?"
Mags: "Sorta. The first time I went in there it smelled like cotton candy. The second time I went in there…it smelled less like cotton candy and more like…poop."
Me: "Oh, bummer."
Mags: "It's okay. It was still fancy. Just a smelly fancy."

Mags and Chris went on a field trip. What's not to love? 
My favorite shot that he took today. 


  1. Ha, fancy buses with bathrooms? Can life get any better?

  2. I love her enthusiasm for life (and porta potties! :) )

  3. As long as she knows the magic never quite goes away.

    I wonder if that moment will be referred to as "the first kiss" in later years...

  4. I'm still impressed by bathrooms on buses. Which, as I type, I'm realizing sounds WAY weirder than I thought. (blush)