Saturday, May 31, 2014


"Mama, look at her. She's MAGICAL."

Mags has been preparing for her recital for months. The dance steps, the costumes, the ballet's all very exciting. But her shining moments don't come in her own dances. They're fantastic, don't get me wrong. That girl can smile the smile and shuffle the shuffle. However, the moments that make this girl light up come when she's inspired by the "big girl ballerinas." 

They're beautiful. They wear stunning, poofy-skirted costumes.  They dance on their toes. They are doing what she hopes to build up to in dance. 

But tonight, there was one. One of those ballerinas, one of the sweetest, ran off the stage in a transition point of the dance. While she was waiting in the wings, she looked over, saw my Mags waiting against the wall, and I watched both their faces light up. 

"Hi, Maggie." she mouthed and waved at her.

Mags looked at me with such awe that, during the middle of this production, her big girl idol would be so excited to see her. That this budding pointe dancer took a moment to INSPIRE a younger dancer left me breathless. And as she arabesqued back onto the stage, I turned just in time to capture the moment in a picture. 


  1. Brava! Wonderful picture. Sweet story. :)

  2. That picture tells the whole story. Sweet, beautiful and adorable ... all at the same time. Good luck on your last night of the recital, Mags. We'll be thinking about you at ours next Friday night. :)

  3. Oh my goodness. That is adorable. How fantastic that her awe and excitement were added to by the acknowledgement of this inspiring and sweet other ballerina!

  4. So sweet Mel. And she has your smile! Such wonderful memories for you both.