Thursday, May 15, 2014


It's time for Ketchup With Us. Hosted by Michele and me on the 1st & 15th of every month, the link-up gives you TWO ways to play: (A) Set a timer for 10 minutes and write about whatever enters your head OR (B) Link up an old post. 

We're hosting our own writing prompt by answering the prompt of another. MamaKat, a sweet fellow blogger, always has a writing prompt that speaks to me. Since there has been so much "dog" talk in our house lately, I had to choose the following:

If your family were dogs what breed would they be?

Tuck: A Yellow Labrador Retriever

Affectionate and loyal, he's playful and sensitive. He bounds down the stairs with such enthusiasm to retrieve laundry from the dryer. The second you mention the word "walk" or "run," his shoes are on and he's waiting by the door. He is always happy to see any of his human family when we walk through the door. Like a Lab, he is beyond forgiving and patient with all of our parenting faults.

Maggie: Bulldog

She can be described as a very affectionate and dependable, gentle (and maternal) with other children, but is known for her courage and excellent guarding abilities. Bullheaded and determined, she can be very persistent. She does not give up easily. Like a Bulldog, she seeks out human attention and loves every bit she can get!! A lot of human attention is required for Mags' happiness.

Chris: Mutt (consulted a "dog breed quiz")

He's a renegade, creative, and will not be confined to any sort of box. He's a hard worker, very loyal and always willing to lend an ear. He's his own person full of real life experiences. He's always up for an adventure. He's adorable and unique, making him first choice to be adopted from the kennel. He often follows the mantra of "ask for forgiveness rather than permission." 

Mel: Border Collie  (consulted a "dog breed quiz")

You are a Border Collie! You are very intelligent, loving, loyal and dependable. You are also very athletic and fast. You may even have OCD over a tennis ball or a frisbee. You love to please others and you never give up with the job you have to do. If someone makes you mad,you just give them the good ol' Border Collie stare!

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  1. I LOVE this. You did such a great job with the dogs that you kind of make me feel like I should have done that one. (said with a whiny voice)

  2. that is the cutest little "litter", um, Family..I've ever seen :)

    loved how each of those doggies is like a soul mate to each of you.

  3. Fun prompt--I picked this one, too! A blog buddy directed me to the dog quiz so I could find out what breed I would be, since I could pick one for all my family members but me. Not sure I'm really a pug, but there it is. :P

  4. Grace got bit by a border collie a couple of years ago so I'm going to show this to her. Is that cruel? it'll be funny.