Saturday, May 3, 2014

Making a SPLASH!

Mags: "You want me to do what?"
Me: "Use your foot like this to flush the toilet."
Mags: "Are you crazy? My legs don't stretch that far."

There's an unspoken rule in dirty gas station, highway rest stop, WalMart or grocery store bathrooms. At least for women. Always flush the soiled toilet handles with your foot. 

So, today, like any other normal day in a public restroom, I performed my trick. Except my phone began to ring JUST as I poised my foot. I looked down, only for a second, while my brain simultaneously pushed in a familiar downward motion. I was jolted forward, as I heard the flush, but it didn't register until I heard, SPLASH! I looked into the toilet in disbelief. There. Was. My. Foot.  Becoming surrounded…and wet…by the fresh water that replenished the bowl, I lifted up as fast as I could.  

Moral of the story:

Cute, cork wedges do not have the sturdy platform needed in order to remain securely on the flush bar for the entirety of the force placed upon it. 

(To be fair, they also don't have a sturdy platform for walking. But sacrificing comfort for cuteness in shoes…that's a whole other unspoken rule.)


  1. Ha! As a guy, I don't have that problem. On the other hand, I've probably lost ten pagers and phones to toilets over the years from them falling out of my pockets, so...

  2. Oh yuck, my heart goes out to you. At least you didn't drop your phone...I hope.

  3. Better your foot than your hand! ;)

  4. Hahahahahahahahahahaha ... Oh, Mel. That's just ... hahahahahahahaha .... I'm so sorry ......... hahahahahahahahaha .... But seriously, I .... hahahahahahahaha .... I can't stop laughing at ...... hahahahahahaha (falls over backwards on bed)