Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Five Reasons to Read ODNT

Me: "It's Ms. Michele's birthday tomorrow. Help me pick out a present for her."
Mags: "How about we find her a candle that smells like cheese. Not the stinky kind of cheese...wait. Is there a cheese that isn't stinky? But she loves cheese. And me. Ooh! What about a ME scented candle? She'd LOVE that."
Me: "True. But let's leave your feet out of the scent!"

It's my dear friend and partner-in-crime's birthday today. You know her as Michele at ODNT. Talented doesn't even begin to describe this woman. Let's see. Hilarious? Check. Clever? Check. Intelligent? Double check! A walking thesaurus? Indubitably. Needless to say, if you've not yet read her blog, RUN, don't walk, over there now. Well, to be polite, maybe wait until the end of this post. Then...SPRINT (but be sure to stretch first).

In honor of her big day, I give you:

Top FIVE Reasons if You're NOT Reading ODNT, You're Missing Out

1. She gives sound advice. For example, say you are dealing with a snake. She's there to breakdown the facts from afar and talk reason into you. 

2. She has a lot in common with Mags. Enough said. 

3. She's always ready for an adventure. And then she'll blog about it for you. Take her family trip to San Francisco, for example. No matter the time or space constraint, she finds a way to share it all.  

4. Need I say more? I always look forward to KWU with my goofy friend.  From the first time we donned the Ketchup costume in the middle of New York City, I knew she was a keeper. 

Tour Guide is her middle name. Okay. It's not REALLY "Tour Guide," but it could be. This woman gives a mean tour...with a gimpy foot to boot!

Bonus Reason: 

Wanna share in her birthday fun? Come play the Blog Posts By Number she created. It's easy, fun and who doesn't LOVE making a list! 

June is Blog Post by Numbers Month. Wanna play with Michele and me? Just write a "listy-type" post with a number in the title (ex. FOUR Reasons I Love MayonnaiseSIX Things You Can Do With A Paper Clip). Then link back to us and tweet us about it so we can include you on June 30th in our final list: (Number-Yet-To-Be-Determined) Great Bloggers Who Played the Blog Post by Numbers Game!


  1. Great job with this post, as always. More importantly, good luck with the snakes.
    p.s. Happy Birthday, Michele!

  2. Yay! Until today, I didn't realize how awesome I actually was! Thanks for reminding me.

    But seriously though .... I love you like a sister. (What is this? A junior high yearbook?) And I so appreciate everything you do for me. Thank you for this sweet post. :)

  3. she's also good on the radio, her podcast is a must hear

    Happy day Of Michele's Birth