Wednesday, July 2, 2014


— n
1.the act of possessing or state of being possessed: in possession of the crown
2.anything that is owned or possessed
3.plural wealth or property
4.the state of being controlled or dominated by or as if by evil spirits

As you can tell from the title, the fourth definition of possession is what we're going to be talking about today. Our good friends at Grace Hill Media came to Michele and me in order to bring you a trailer and prize pack for the newly released thriller, Deliver Us From Evil

Now, if you all remember what happened last time we were tasked with such a movie <coughTheConjuringcough>...well...let's just say there was a lot of eye covering and consuming of bacon popcorn. Since we are helping to spread the word, we wanted to show you the trailer. Here are the guidelines for watching the trailer:

Level 1 Scaredy Cat: Watch it with the sound off.
Level 2 Scaredy Cat: Watch it with the sound off and one eye shut.
Level 3 Scaredy Cat: Watch it with the sound off, one eye shut and your fanned fingers over your open eye.
Level 4 Scaredy Cat: Watch it with the sound off, both eyes shut and both hands firmly over your eyes and in your ears...just in case. 
Level 5 Scaredy Cat: Watch it from upstairs under your covers while it plays downstairs in the kitchen.

Ready? Assume your Scaredy Cat position:

You have until July 9th at 11:59 to enter. 
Good luck! 
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  1. Does dying my hair almost blonde (on accident, of course) count as supernatural? Because, trust me, it really, really should.

  2. I once saw a shadow being in the daylight outside while I was at work. My encounter only lasted a few seconds, but what I saw was a black three dimensional silhouette that looked like it was sliding across the ground, and it had no legs below the knees! Scary! At first, I thought it was a person dressed in all black, but I soon realized there was no distinguishable human features, other than it's outline form. And having no legs below the knees and yet moving as if it was sliding along/across the ground! Scary! Also,it appeared as though it had a hood over its head from what I could see. I saw it from a profile angle, but then it disappeared in a matter of just a few seconds after I first saw it! Thankfully! It was a very uneasy experience that I hope I will never experience again!