Thursday, February 26, 2015


Tuck: "How can you be so happy that we'll never live in our old house again?"
Me: "It has just been a lot of extra work for me and Daddy, Tuck. It'll be nice to just have ONE house to worry about again. I'm sorry. I know you loved that house."
Tuck: "It's all I ever knew for eight years. How can you forget it just like that?  I miss my room. I miss the smell. I miss IT!"

That was an eye-opening conversation I had with Tuck the other day as we pulled away from our soon-to-be-sold house on the mountain. It has been a long process for us: preparing the house, putting the house on the market, waiting for people to look at it, fixing (and replacing) things that broke along the way, and overall, taking care of routine maintenance. After having been on the market for almost a year, my feelings have gone from sad nostalgia to pure relief. I was so happy someone found our sweet house to love. 

But Tuck reminded me of something. He hasn't felt what I've felt for over the past year. He hasn't been worried about things breaking down, price changes, foot traffic and normal upkeep. He hasn't had to make phone calls, locate paperwork, or make stomach-wrenching decisions. He hasn't had to be the adult in this situation.

What he has been in this situation ...  the kid. He felt a loss over the past year. He moved away from all he has ever known. He had to leave the safety and comfort of his well-known surroundings.  He had to adapt to a new house...with new creaks in the night. He had to adjust to a new school. He had to make new friends. He had to join new after-school activities. He had to move on.

But he was resilient. He did it. WE did it. Together. And as I told Chris this conversation I had with our son through my tears, he reminded me gently that this has been a life lesson for us all. Things change whether we are truly ready for them or not. The important part is how we handle the change. We've all grown stronger, more determined and smarter through this process.

Thank you, Tuck, my sweet boy, 
for brushing the "adult" away from my eyes for a moment. 
That way, I could see our true accomplishment in all its purity!


  1. I feel you. Dean was only 5 when Katrina hit. Nearly 6. And we HAD to take him through the destroyed house a few months after it happened. Every time he saw a NOLA house that survived (not that there were many), he said "Maybe ours isn't that bad." It's like he didn't believe us and didn't know why we weren't just going home.

    So Dave and I very spontaneously took him through it during one of our visits to NOLA. Dave started at the front door and literally carried him from the front to the back and returned to the front again down the main hallway so he could see into all the rooms without stopping just so he could see it. Honestly, we didn't even want the bottoms of his shoes to touch the place.

    After that day, Dean never mentioned the old house again.

    Little people need closure. Big people, too. I'm so glad you two had that important conversation. He's such a smart kid. He could teach us all a lot.

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