Thursday, March 5, 2015


Me: "Hi, Tuck! I'm so happy to see you. Mama missed you so much while I was in the hospital. Get over here and gimme a hug."
Tuck: "Okay, Mama. (insert quick hug) That e-nuf. Where my bee-bee? I rock her now?"

Mags completed Tuck and Tuck completed Mags. From the first moment he held her, it was like she was always there. They were the best of friends. He asked for her constantly. She responded to him more than anyone else. The second she would hear his voice, all was right in her little, overstimulated, newborn world. He was the Mags Whisperer. And still is. 

Do they fight? Of course. Do they get sick of each other? Definitely. But, their bond is one that I am in awe of constantly. No matter the time, space, or situation, those two are there for one another. I have a strong feeling it will remain that way for all time. 

And their story all started in our first home. 
Oh, the stories those walls could tell!  


  1. We all still mimic a two-year-old Dean when he first came to the hospital in his "I'm a Big Brother" t-shirt carrying a balloon for Vivien and begging to hold her. And, as soon as we finally got him situated safely on the bed with her, he looked at her and squealed with glee. "Her eyes are open! She's looking at me!" :)

    I love how close your kids are. I hope mine stay that way forever, too. And I'm sure our mothers feels the same way.

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