Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Pushing Back

Mags: "Mama. 'Member when you used to do all that writing in the morning? Now you just sleep."

It's true. Five years ago, when the children were four and six, every single morning at 5:00 AM my alarm would sound. Soon after the coffee would brew as the keyboard would begin to clatter away effortlessly under my eager fingertips. The days of young children were full of fodder. Spilling it onto the blog became therapeutic. 

And now, five years later, I sleep. The kids' bus comes early, the lunches aren't going to pack themselves (to my dismay) and work always has an invisible rope tugging around my waist. 

However, that does not stop me from WANTING to write. I have multiple stories floating around in my head. They are like buzzing flies in there, but I keep batting them away to the back of my brain. Time is fleeting, after all, and priorities are a must. 

This morning, though, I'm taking a second or two to myself. I read a blog post from my intelligent friend, Becky, which reminded me of something important. Take time. 

So, I'm up early. I made my way downstairs, grabbed a fleece blanket, brewed my decaf and snuggled in with the hum of the warm computer on my lap. I let go of all the "have to get dones" on my list for a moment and made a list of wanna be posts. A list so these ideas won't be forgotten. 

Planes, Koalas and Kangaroos : Our entire trip to Australia and New Zealand.

Mourning Summer : Every year it's bittersweet to start the new school year. This year especially.

Bad Religion : How a hurried explanation made Mags want to run. 

Hell's Kitchen...Bugaj Style : The follies of teaching our son to cook, when I'm not a great cook.

Did You Say...Bumblefoot : How Chris and Tuck saved our favorite chicken's life.

The Day I Decaffed My Life : Decaf is made from dirt.

Hello 2015...Why is There No Self-Packing Brow Bag Lunch Bot : Packing lunches is my nemesis.

The Dog Diaries : Pros and cons of a dog in our life...why are we so darn responsible?

Make a Wish : I blew out my candles on my 38th birthday and got my wish.

NO is Not Spelled Y-E-S : Learning how to say N-O in five easy steps.

Escape Room : A surprise present for my birthday from which I couldn't wait to escape.