Saturday, December 31, 2011


"It's OK, Buddy, don't cry. They'll be back soon."

Since we live at least eight hours from each of our families, we try to have visits as often as we can. Our kids have become seasoned professionals when saying goodbye to our loved ones who visit. Each of the kids deal with it in their own way. Today was no different.  When my parents were leaving, we were prepared for the usual reactions.  

Tuck cried. Hard. Mags dealt with it well at that moment. She was busy. It always hits her a few hours later. This is how it always goes. Then there's my poor parents. I'm not sure how long they cry for in the car by themselves. To me, all those tears mean we had a fun and memorable visit. 

What caught me off guard about our departure ritual of tears was how the kids reacted to each other. We were getting ready to distract Tuck's attention by making New Year's Eve hats. However, while waving out the window at Meme and Papa as they drove away, Mags jumped up next to Tuck. She immediately began patting his back and comforting him. This sight made me get all teary. I snapped a picture because I love catching memories like this when I can.

Just when I was getting ready to jump in to do my distracting gig, Mags turned to Tuck. She looked at his face and said, 

"Wow, Tuck, your scar is looking great on your eye!" 

My husband and I both looked at each other and started laughing a bit. She was trying to distract him in her own little way. Go on with your bad self, little Miss Distract-ability. Did it work? For a moment. The fact that she tried to divert his attention? Absolutely priceless.

I hope your 2012 is full of catching some amazing memories that 
will fill your heart full of happiness to the very tip top.


  1. Love your blog. The stories of the children always make me chuckle a bit. Mags is a great girl that wears hers heart tucked in her sleeve. Tuck wears it on his shirt pocket. May your family be blessed this coming year.

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