Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Mags to Tuck and I upon seeing the puzzle we put together:
"Wow! Look at the puzzle you guys made!" She paused to look and then told us," Hmmm. That doesn't look so good. Maybe you should start over?"

That was a great suggestion. The puzzle we were putting together was a lenticular Star Wars puzzle. It was 48 pieces or something like that. Easy peasy, right? Not so much. 

Tuck got this beast of a puzzle for a birthday present. I'm certain the family that gave it to him had no idea the havoc this puzzle would cause. Have you ever done a lenticular puzzle? It is basically a migraine in a box. Just when you think you are making headway...BAM! It turns on you. Literally. You may have thought you just put the piece with Yoda's head on his body, but then you move left a half an inch and suddenly Yoda's head was on light saber. What? How in the world?  All the pieces seemed to fit so seamlessly. The maker of the puzzle has to be having a good laugh, I'm sure of it. 

Of course Tuck really wanted to do this puzzle. I had promised him that we would do it the next morning, just us. How long could a 48 piece puzzle take? We had done a bunch of these before. They weren't lenticular, but still, I figured it would take about 20 minutes max.

I heard him rustling at 6a.m. I went and got him and we set out to complete the puzzle before Mags got up to "help us" at  7a.m. He was so excited! We opened the box, poured out the pieces and organized them into piles. We put corners in one pile, edge pieces in another and then any colors that looked similar in random piles. 

Then it began. We got the edge pieces together in record time. I kept thinking that we might even have time to put another puzzle together. Cart before the horse, Mel. Cart before the horse. 

We decided to work our way in from the edges. It was a solid plan.We were plugging along, finding pieces, chatting about his friends at school, and making progress. It was going fine, but then we both got quiet and started to really concentrate. I was engrossed in finding Anakin's eyes when Tuck started little side projects. "Mama, I found Yoda's head and ears that fit together!" This was when it started to go awry. 

I began to notice the puzzle wasn't looking like the box. From my angle, where I was sitting, it looked like we were on track. From Tuck's angle, an inch away from me to the left, it was a disaster. He started to notice, too.  "Uh oh, Mama! We put Anakin's head on Obi-Wan's body."  Oh, for crying out loud!

My eyes were blurry and watering as I looked back and forth between the box and "our puzzle". Then I looked at the clock. It was 6:45 already?! I thought it had to be wrong! Forty-five minutes had passed? No way! Thank goodness we only had a few pieces to go. I told Tuck we should try to finish it up. He agreed. I moved some pieces around and asked him from his angle if that looked better. "Nope. Now Yoda's head is on Anakin's butt." Awesome. Just what I was going for. I was like that kid in Toy Story creating new...and disturbing creatures. 

We finally finished forcing pushing the last piece into place at 7:05. We stood up, looked at the mishap, and both burst out laughing. Then Tuck said, "We definitely need to get Daddy to help us." I told him very seriously, "There is really only one person that can fix this now." 

"Help us Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're our only hope!" 

To be honest, I'm not even sure he could help. 


  1. That is hilarious! Hey, it looks fine to me. :) Look at all of that quality time you spent together, though. Ha!

    (Thanks for linking this up over at #findingthefunny last week!)