Thursday, January 26, 2012


Me: "Mags, where you headed with your suitcase?"
Mags: "To California. I need some space."

She's right. Everyone needs their space. Small children don't exactly know about personal space. I found when they were little that no matter where I'd look during the day, there was a little human in my space wanting or asking for something. In the kitchen, in the bathroom,  in the laundry room, while I was hiding in the shower. Nope, it wasn't on. Just hiding...and breathing. Doesn't take long for them to sniff me out. 

Tuck always had a way of saying he needed his time, even when he was younger. He would all of the sudden stand up from whatever we were doing and announce, "I'm gonna go take a break." Back when he was a toddler and he would do this, we knew it meant he was going to lay in his bed, suck on his pacifier and snuggle with his comfort item. Now I know it means he is going to lay in his bed and play his DS or transform some Transformers. It is his way of recharging his batteries for a bit. 

Mags, however, never seemed to "need her space". My husband and I always joked that I had a 20 second time limit when I left the room she was in. If I was gone longer than that, my name would be called...frantically. As she has grown, she has found having her own space is a good thing. She sets up her dolls, looks at the pictures in her books, dresses up and has a blast. She realized that she could make up on her own games. She didn't have to compromise. When she is alone, everything always goes her way. Bonus! That is a great way for Mags to recharge. 

Currently, I am working on finding my own space again, too. I know I need to make this time for myself. No working, no  writing , no thinking. Just be. For me this escape from the world has always been running. 

In college I ran competitively on a team. Since I was a long distance runner, I had the luxury of getting lost in hour long runs through trails or by the ocean. Whatever was happening at the time did not exist during my workouts. It was time for me to concentrate on my pace, my strides, my breathing, and how I would attack an upcoming race. It would always recharge my brain. 

Now I want to run to have time alone, plain and simple. Granted, it is on a treadmill in our kids' playroom, but I turn up my headphones full blast, listen to my "big girl music" and block everything out that is going on around me. I know I have to take the time to recharge. To not answer questions. To not get someone a juice box. To not have the dishes that didn't get done stare at me. To do something for me. That way, when I come back into reality, I am ready. My patience is restored a bit and I can almost see things clearer. Mags is right, after all. 

Everyone needs their space.

You just need to find where YOUR space is.


  1. Yes, yes, and yes... I find it hard to be alone when *you* seem to be in my head, thinking my thoughts! ;-) Let's not even discuss how I told Ashlyn if I had to answer another question yesterday, I was going to run away and join the circus, lol! Love you!

    1. Oooh, the circus sounds promising though. I think the trapeze for me. :P