Sunday, January 22, 2012


Me: "What is that smell?"
Mags: "I took my boots off."
Me: "Holy cow! Your feet smell really, really bad!"
Mags: "No they don't, Mama!  
Me: "Oh yes they do!"
Mags: "No way! Your nose is broken. They smell like roses."

Go ahead. Take a whiff. I dare ya! 

This is the third installment of "Picture This". 
You can read all about why I started this by clicking on the link.


  1. Sophia's 10 little digits can clear out a room when exposed. I fully blame my sister for this trait which I believe has to be genetic! We could be in the downstairs living room in a 3 bedroom house with 2 floors and smell my sister's feet the second she took her shoes off in her room upstairs! Gag!!

  2. hi miss mell its laney and i can smell it from here