Tuesday, January 10, 2012


"Come here little guy. It's OK. I won't hurt you."

From the bathroom, I heard Mags saying these words in her best sing-song voice. I was in the middle of making Tuck's lunch, telling him to get his shoes on (for the fifth time), and trying to keep an ear out for Little Miss ICanBrushMyTeethMyself. The bus was coming in eight minutes and the kids still needed to flip flop themselves down the stairs, bear walk across the cellar floor and fumble with the door leading to the garage. That production in itself would take about five minutes. I would then have three minutes to strap them into the car and burn rubber to the bus stop. 

I looked over to see Tuck finally had his shoes on. I threw his lunch bag to him while I shouted to Mags in the bathroom, "Hey, how is the teeth brushing going?" She responded "I'm all done. I'm just helping this little guy out". My stomach clenched as I prayed "this little guy" was not a spider. We have found some as big as her hand in this house. I bounded into the bathroom to find her there, in all her glory, trying to brush a stink bug's "teeth". She was so proud I didn't have the heart to scold her. Plus, I was a little relieved it wasn't Shelob.

I scooped her off the stool, told her the bug was thankful she helped him, and threw her toothbrush in the trash. I was giggling a bit because nothing can really harm a stink bug. There are loads of them around here starting in the spring. They don't bite, but they do release a foul odor when they feel they are being attacked. It's like the skunk of bugs. 

Anyways, I would have to take care of it when I got home. It's wings were wet so it wouldn't be able to get too far. I took off, Mags in hand, for the mad dash. We made it to the bus (miraculously), I kissed the boy good-bye (so thankful he still lets me), and dropped Mags at preschool (breathe). 

By the time I got home I had completely forgotten about the bug incident. I was focused on trying to plow through as much of my to-do list as time would allow. While I was loading the dishwasher, I caught something moving out of the corner of my eye on the counter. I looked over and saw that it was the stink bug from this morning. How in the world did it make it all the way out to the kitchen? More importantly, how did I know it was the exact stink bug from this morning's teeth brushing incident? Oh! Very simple! 

Hey, Mr.Stinkbug! You got a little somethin' on your back.


  1. This post totally cracked me up. Stink bugs are a constant battle around here. Anna giggles every time I point my BugZooka at them and shout "Say hello to my little friend!" in my best Scarface voice. Perhaps I should teach her to be more kind and caring like Mags : )

  2. We got the BugZooka from a friend for Christmas. I love it! I don't want her to be too kind to them since the one time I am sure it will be a HUGE spider. :P

  3. I laughed so hard when I read this one that I actually pig snorted. We covered some stinkbugs in black spray paint while we were assembling D's Halloween costume this fall and those little critters just kept on moving along. I'm sure that Mr. Stinkbug's teeth were sparkly clean and minty fresh!


  4. HA! How helpful of her. I'm sure the stinkbug appreciated her efforts to help. And that shade of blue toothpaste looks so flattering on him!

  5. We have so many of them! Just today, one landed on Miles's shirt and he freaked out. I am so used to grabbing and flushing them or throwing them across the room, but I've learned the hard way not to vacuum them up anymore. ;)

  6. That Stinky didn't release his skunk scent is a testament to your sweet girl's positive aura. That little guy wasn't scared at all. Plus he wanted a bright smile. Which I admire in a stinkbug. Most of them really aren't sticklers for hygiene.

    Thanks for linking up with …. oh, what am I saying? :)