Saturday, January 14, 2012


Tuck to me: "Mama! Please stop singing like that. It's embarrassing!"

Of course my response to this was to sing louder and more awkward, not that I have to try. I realized the moment he said those words that we were starting a new chapter. The "I Can't Believe You Did That" chapter. I knew it was coming. I knew my time was closing in on him wearing a shirt that says "My Mom Rocks", kissing me at the bus stop in front of all his friends or yelling, "I love you, Mama" from the bus line. It makes the moments he grabs my hand as we are walking out in public that more special. It has to be his idea to be OK. I need to be aware of that. 

So, I have been getting into this mode. I have been trying to let myself not be hurt when he "forgets" to wave goodbye. I revel in the fact that he is growing and becoming independent. Isn't that what we have been working hard on teaching him for the past six years? Of course. 

I guess I just didn't expect it to come this fast. I should have know, since every little old lady that ever stood behind or in front of me in a check out line told me, "Enjoy it, it will go by so fast." Sometimes I nodded and smiled. Some days, during 'those kind of days', I gave them my best, "Are you seriously saying this to me right now?" look. 

I wonder if I will be that old lady? You know,the one who is smiling sweetly at a young mom who is struggling with a two year old screaming to get out of the cart and a newborn who is screeching her lungs out because she is two minutes past her feeding time. Will I tell her then, at the moment, as the sweat beads are dripping from her chin that it goes by fast and to "enjoy it"? 

Most likely I will be that old lady. I don't think I'll be able to help myself. Perhaps I'll just choose my timing in saying the words, "Enjoy it, you're gonna miss this." a little more carefully. For now, I just need to focus on enjoying each moment as they come, no matter how fleeting they may be. 

Moments like these: 

We also need to continue to model silly times for Tuck. Silly without being too "embarrassing" for him. An example you ask? Sure. Let's just say you are walking through the Air and Space Museum.  You see a cardboard standee of Harry fighting The Dark Lord.  This standee is set up perfectly for you to put your body in so it looks like you are fighting Lord Voldemort. You should do it. This is a silly situation you should definitely take advantage of. 

You know...if a situation like that ever arises.


  1. love the Dylan reference, obviously! Nice work!

    1. HA! I thought of you when I chose it. Obviously. :P Thanks, Buddy!