Monday, January 30, 2012


I sent Tuck upstairs to grab my sunglasses out of my purse. 
He came back empty handed saying, 
"Mama, I couldn't find them. Your purse is out of control."

What the heck was he talking about? My purse was not that bad. I figured he just wasn't looking hard enough. When we got upstairs, I grabbed my beautiful, lavender purse that my dad had bought me for Christmas and dumped it out.

Here's what I found:

1 pack of crumbled Ritz Bitz crackers (there's a few solid ones in there)
1 1/2 eaten pack of Cars fruit snacks (waste not, want not)
1 empty box of raisins (no rhyme or reason)
1 candy cane that was mostly peppermint dust (the top half was fine)
1 squished piece of gum that had coagulated to the wrapper (still chewable)
2 wrapped up wads of chewed gum (someone should throw those away)
2 Princess Barbie shoes, pink and purple (she can make it work)
1 Barbie bikini top (you never know)
1 Barbie hair brush (which I sometimes use for my own hair in a pinch)
1 Mini Cars Car fire engine (Red is his name)
1 Buzz Lightyear laser gun (in case of alien attack)
1 plastic shark (I'm going to need a bigger purse)
4 fun dinosaur hand tattoos (ROAR)
1 empty bottle of hand sanitizer (someone should refill that)
1 bottle of Excedrin Migraine (no explanation needed)
7 beads from a bracelet Mags made me that broke (restringing it soon)
2 beaded bracelets in tact (since the other one broke)
1 popsicle stick (in case I need to do a throat exam)
1 suction cup (no explanation for this)
2 empty IHOP mint wrappers (pancakes are delicious)
2 bank lollipop wrappers (a must)
1 Hulk "cozie" that doubles for my cell phone holder (multi-purpose)
5 receipts from various places (busy as a bee)
7 single "Boogie Wipes" (there's always a booger somewhere)
6 assorted lip glosses (two of which are not mine)
5 random hair ties and clips (for the princess)
1 school employee badge (a woman's got to work)
1 pen (to use parts of in case I get in a sticky situation like McGyver)
1 pair of cheap sunglasses caked in fingerprints (more of a decoration)
2 sassy red "texting" gloves my Dad gave me for Christmas (love them)
1 wallet (looky there, a necessity in my purse)
1 Epi Pen (another necessity that I hope to never use...again)
1 First Aid Kit (with leopard print and super hero printed Band-Aids)
1 iPhone (my brain)

After we finished going through the guts of my purse, Tuck just looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. I knew what he wanted to hear.

Alright, I admit it. Maybe it was a LITTLE out of control.
Do you have anything interesting in your purse, 
computer bag, briefcase, satchel or man purse? 

Share it with me in the comments!


  1. Thanks for the inspiration this week. YOU even took a picture of your madness. Nice touch! :)

  2. Thank YOU for the enormous shout out! I'll clear out my madness for you. ;) except the lip gloss.