Thursday, February 2, 2012


Mags: "Mama! Don't sit there. Smitty is sitting there right now. You'll squish him!"

Mags has had an imaginary friend for about a year now. I have to admit, I was really surprised when she first brought her "friend" to my attention. She has never been big on make believe. However, once she explained who "he" was, it made more sense to me. Her "imaginary friend" was based on a real person that she has watched on TV for years. 

Smitty usually only stays part of the day. He has always been very polite and enjoys a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. His visits were never consistent and I never saw any rhyme or reason to their timing. I never did, that is, until this morning. I was so excited to put all the pieces together like a detective...or problem solver in a blue suit, that I had to share.

Here are the clues I've kept in the back of my mind:
  • It has always been just her and I around when Smitty popped in for a visit. 
  • She never mentioned him when Daddy and Tuck were around. 
  • He has always seemed to appear on a day after a long school/work break. (I noticed this pattern starting at Christmas) 
For example, he showed up the day both Tuck and Daddy went back to school/work after they had been home for a solid ten days. He visited again the Tuesday after a recent three day weekend we had. Yesterday, Tuck was home sick from school. Today, when we got back in the car after putting Tuck on the bus, guess who was there? You got it! Smitty. It all fit!  It has been her way of dealing with missing her favorite people. 

So, after we got into the car, I began to ask her some questions about Smitty. Here's part of that conversation:

Me: "Hey, Mags, is Smitty going to school with you today?"
Mags: "Nope. He says he wants to stay with you."
Me: "Oh, that's nice. He wants to come to work with me?"
Mags: "Yep. Right, Smitty? You wanna watch Mama teach?"
Me: "OK, well, I hope he doesn't get bored."
Mags: "He says he won't."
Me: "Well, how will I know if he needs something? I can't hear him unless you tell me what he is saying." 
Mags: "Easy. Put on your listening ears."
Me: *laughing a little* "OK. I'll do my best." 
Mags: "That's all I ask." (She sounds just like me sometimes)

Oh, the pressure! Once we pulled up to her school, she was out of her booster in a flash and rummaging around in the back seat. I turned around to see what she was doing. There she was, buckling Smitty into Tuck's booster to "keep him safe".  Of course, at this point, I did what any crazy sane person would do. I snapped a picture just in case I captured Smitty in the photo. You never know! 

As you can see, no Smitty. However, I caught a cute photo, solved a mystery and understood his timing a little better. Later on, when I put her down for rest time, she told me that he had left for the day.

 Like I said, he never stays long. 

After all, her best guys will be home from school and work soon! 

Have your kids had or do they have imaginary friends? 
I'd love for you to share in the comments! 

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  1. Sophia has 2 "friends", I can't say imaginary because then they would be "pretend" which I was told was silly! Coincidently, in addition to her cousin Jordyn, Sophia's other "friend" is Mover Smitty! I guess he must rotate between the two of them! Now it seems that Mags has a more informal friendship with him as she can refer to him as just Smitty. Sophia, however calls him Mover Smitty and I was corrected when I addressed him casually as just Smitty! Her reasoning for having these 2 as her special "friends" were that she loves Jordyn "so, so much" and Mover Smitty can "talk to animals"! Of course! Sounded good to me! :)