Monday, February 13, 2012


Me: "What is going on in this room?"
Mags: "Nothing to see here. Moving right along."

I should have known when Chris said he would "settle them down" for bed that I would hear booms, bangs, screams and very large, very loud "ROARS". 
My settling down and his settling down were drastically different. Night and day different. Polar opposite different. 

When I would hear the ruckus before bedtime I would get so aggravated. I would feel my blood pressure rise and the disapproval in my face intensified. This sort of reaction from me was usually after a long day of toddler-isms, poop, stain filled clothes, more poop, and tattling. On days like this I just wanted them asleep at bedtime. Magically. Asleep. I expected Chris to make it happen...peacefully.

My thoughts would grow to an irrational state while I was listening to him getting them into bed. "Great. Now he's getting them all riled up. It's going to end up taking us twice as long to get them to bed. If he would just do it the normal way for once." EEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Put on the brakes. That thought actually formulated in my head. As soon as a thought like that would make appearance, I would hear it. Silence, glorious silence. The kids would be in bed; happy, settled and waiting for my kiss. How did he do that?

One night I decided to talk to Chris about it. It was eating me up and he had no idea. He has had 12 years of experience with my crazy thoughts, so it was no surprise that he completely understood where I was coming from. He listened to me and then made some really great points. One of them was to give into the commotion. He pointed out that both of us got the kids happily into bed. We just had different methods. These points helped me realize that the control freak in me didn't always have to be in control. My way of doing things was not the only way. If that were the case, our lives would be so boring. 

So, I took my husband's advice. I began to enjoy the fits of laughter, the screams and the overall hullabaloo. I found out that when I did that, it actually helped to melt the day's little irritations away. My husband and I came to an understanding that he had his ways and I had mine. Both ways worked. Both ways got the job done. 

His way was just a little more unconventional...but that was alright.

As long as they were asleep by 8pm.

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