Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Tuck: "Mama, can you use your computer voice?"

It took me a minute to understand what he was asking, but when I got it, I laughed hard. He made a good point. The kids were sensing my morning routine mania. We woke up later than usual, due to Mags and I partying all.night.long. Don't be jealous. I was struggling to get them fed, dressed and whatever else I needed to do to get them to their schools on time. My eyes weren't even fully open yet.

I was racing around the kitchen pouring cereal, being told "I DON'T WANT CEREAL", pouring the cereal back in the box, waiting not-so-patiently for the next food demand, running to get their clothes out of the dryer, hearing Mags scream for me as I passed my "I couldn't see you for 20 seconds" limit, coming back in to the kitchen, being handed a bag of frozen waffles, sticking them in the toaster, emptying the dishwasher, answering  24 questions in 24 seconds, DING, burning my hand on waffles, putting them in front of the kids, "SYRUP PLEASE!", pouring syrup, dripping it along the kitchen floor on the way back to the fridge (which I would find later), making Tuck's lunch, answering another round of questions, Tuck interrupting it all by telling me I basically needed to chill out. HIT.THE .BRAKES. 

He was right.  This was no way to start the day. So I plugged in my "computer voice" and we all listened to me tell us a story. You see, my husband and I create a children's podcast. We write our own stories, record them and post them free for download on our other blog and iTunes. We call it Night Light Stories. You can listen to them anytime, anywhere, as we say. Forty-three stories and a little over three years later, we are still going strong. Often times, our kids request  their favorite stories by name while we are driving to see our families in Boston and Buffalo. (end total, shameless plug)

However, on mornings like these, it was a good idea. The kids chilled while "I" told them a story. I chilled out because I had a moment to think straight. It wasn't their fault I got caught up in what I made out to be "hectic". We were behind, but so what? So what if we missed the bus?  I would just drive him to school. It was right on the way to work. My anal personality gets the better of me sometimes. I am certain I'll need to be reminded again and again. Side note: As I am reading this to Chris he is nodding his head frantically. 

I know what strategies work to calm my kids down. Bring them back to the reality of the situation. Make them see it is not that big of a deal. Obviously, THEY have found their own strategies to calm me down, too. Well done, kidlets. Well done. 

Aww, crap! There's  maple syrup on my socks! 


  1. It's nice to know our mornings look the same :) And my strategy for "hitting the brakes" on those mornings? I sing. Whatever NHV requests. I sing ... and dance around. We giggle. We feel better. We start our day off right!

  2. Thank you, Dana! Singing and dancing around our classrooms always made me feel better! I can understand why NHV responds to it!

  3. Wait, wait, wait. Whoa. Family in BOSTON and BUFFALO?

    Is it possible that YOU are my lost half-sister? Cause I'm from Buffalo!!!!!

    We have crazy amounts of stuff in common!!! Including our abilities to stress out. ;-)

    1. NO WAY! That is absolutely wild. I cannot wait to find out where you lived. Our lives are very similar. LOL! How was your sleep last night? UGH! xooxox