Thursday, February 23, 2012


Mags: "Mama, I can feel something on my face. What is it?"
Me: "It's just a little zit Mags. No biggie."
Mags: "Does that mean I'm gonna get a lot like you have now?"
Me: "No. Not at all." *sigh*

They keep us humble don't they? I joke about it, but the kids really do keep track of my appearance on a daily basis. They are like little monkeys picking through my hair. They notice every new zit, crows foot, and freckle. Especially when they have time to look, like in the front seat of a grocery cart. They are at eye level with you. Groceries get boring to look at. Your skin, wrinkles and unkempt eyebrows become their target.

This is a recent conversation I had with Mags who insisted her legs were "too tired" to walk through the grocery store. She wanted to sit up front in the we could chat. Here we go:

Mags: "Mama, don't forget the avocados! Oh, and can we get....WOW! Mama! WOW!"
Me: *looking around for what's so exciting* 
Mags: "Do you know that you have hair in your nose, Mama?" 
Me: "Yes. You do too. It helps catch all the dirt in the air so you don't breath it in."
Mags: "I don't have hair in my nose. But you do. See? *lifts my nose by the tip* "RIGHT THERE!"
Me: "You really do have hairs in there. It catches all your boogers. Please don't talk so loudly. OK?"
Mags: *maniacal laughing* "YOU SAID BOOGER CATCHER!" *more maniacal laughing*
Me: *laughing at her laughing* "OK, Mags, what other fruits and vegetables do we need?"
Mags: "*composing herself* "Hold on, first I need to check your nose for boogers. *lifts my nose again*  "Hmmm, lemme look. Nope, don't see any." 
Me: "Alright, thanks for checking. Now, who wants some apples?" 

So, when Mags is 16 and gets a bunch of zits, I won't point them out. I will run with her to the store and buy out the "Facial Care" aisle. That's what my mom did for me and that's what I'll do for her. 

After all, her payback for pointing out all of my zits 
will come when she's a mom. 

In ten fold. 

(I can hear my own mom laughing right now.)

*If you click on the "maniacal laughing" link, you can hear her crazy little laugh that I am talking about. 


  1. So sweet of her to keep you from feeling overly confident. Kids. I once told my mom (who has been thin as a rail my entire life) that I was glad she was such a tiny mommy. Now that I don't have... ahem... quite the same physique, I fear having a child who is ashamed about my more fluffy exterior. :-/
    I clicked on her laughing link. Sooooo awesome. :-)

    1. Thanks! I had to get the laugh. It cracks me up. I know. They keep us in our place! :P Thanks for coming by, Jen!