Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Mags: "Mama. I have a secret for you."
Me: "Really? What is it?"
Mags: "I can't tell you. It's a secret."
Me: *sigh*

Mags is loving this whole 'secret' thing. She leans into my ear and whispers random things like, "I hid Tuck's Lego car" or "Why are you wearing that purple shirt today?"  As I folded the laundry last tonight, I couldn't help but think (for the second time this week). That's got to be a record. Anyways, moving on. 

We learn to never keep secrets from our parents as children. At least I did. Chris and I have always told our kids that they can tell us anything, no matter what someone has said to them. We are there to listen, to help, and to keep them safe. It's no wonder Mags spills the beans about every single present Chris buys me for my birthday or Mother's Day...or our Anniversary that is coming up on April 3rd (your'e welcome Chris). What is 8 years? Rocks? Whatever it is, Chris, don't tell Mags. 

As adults, we are asked to KEEP secrets. How many times have I heard or said, "Please don't say anything, but..." Too many to count. I take it seriously, too. I store those secrets I am told by my friends and family way back in my vault. Sometimes I am touched that they trust me enough to share something private with me. Sometimes...well, I'm still touched, but I just tuck what they say a little further back. 

There are those times, though, that I know a fun secret that we are going to surprise someone with and I have to wait to share it. Chris will tell you that I cannot keep a surprise hidden to save my life. It's true. I've almost let the cat out of the bag about 65 times now. I only have to wait until Thursday. Still, I've known for a while this event is going to happen and I am getting tired of waiting. 

What is it you ask? Can I trust YOU to keep a secret? Yes. I'm looking right at YOU! I will feel less like spilling it if I do tell someone. If I tell you, maybe it will get me through the next few days. OK! Here goes. 

Wait. First...how many of you are saying "I bet Mel's pregnant!" Raise your hands. Fess up, come on! You guys are so silly. If any of my friends or family are reading this and have that running through your head, let me remind you of the Great Hysterectomy of 2010. So, no. I'm not pregnant.

"I bet they are getting a dog!" Again, let me remind you of the Great Allergic To Everything Under the Sun of 2011. Wow. I am no fun. No belly rubbing? No cooing? No cuddly, little puppies? What could be so exciting?

MEME AND PAPA ARE COMING! MEME AND PAPA ARE COMING! You are saying to yourself, "Don't your parents visit every six weeks or so?" Yes, they do, but this time it's a surprise! They are flying in this week to visit and we are not telling the kids. I am looking forward to a mom and dad fix and the kids are going to FLIP OUT when they see them. Since Mags is Little Miss Spillsthebeans, I'll let her figure it out when we drive to get them at the airport later this week. As for Tuck, he will get off the school bus to see his Papa waiting for him. 

Wait! There's more! My parents and I planned a little bit something extra. Meme and Papa are going to give the kids pretend 'airplane tickets' that we made. When they read them, they will find out that we are going to Meme and Papa's for Spring Break. On top of that, we are going on an airplane! Two VERY exciting things rolled into one trip. SCORE!  IS IT THURSDAY YET? IS IT APRIL YET? 

Phew! Thanks for letting me get that out. I needed to tell someone besides Chris. He's having his own issues keeping it quiet. So, remember, we have to keep it secret...keep it safe...until Thursday. I'm trusting you, Frodo Baggins.

Mum's the word!

Or as Mags says it, 'Mom's the world'.
(I like her expression better)


  1. Oooooh! So exciting! My girls absolutely flip out with excitement when my mom visits. She visits every six weeks or so, too. From the same area as your in-laws, I believe. I think more and more we were separated at birth...

    PS - we are going to my mom's on an airplane with the girls for our spring break - well, Easter - too. Surprise! ;-)

    1. THIS IS HILARIOUS! We are totally separated at birth. Now we are making identical plans. :) Love it! Have so much fun. Do your girls like the airplane as much ours do?

  2. So exciting!!! And your anniversary is Sofia's bday :)

  3. Wait, what? Your parents are coming?