Saturday, March 31, 2012


"Mama. What are you doing in your bed sleeping? You should be out there working."

No rest for the weary in this house. My morning routine is pretty much set. I get up an hour before the kids, brew some decaf, fire up the computer, and begin to write. I write for a good half an hour before I remember my now lukewarm cup of decaf is still waiting for me on the Keurig. It's OK. It keeps me from burning my mouth. 

There are those mornings, though, that I let myself sleep in until the kids get up. It's funny how I will hear their little shuffles down the hall heading straight for the rocking chair where I usually am sitting and typing. When I am not there, it totally confuses them. So, where do they think to look for me next? The kitchen of course. Tuck actually turned on the light in the kitchen the other morning, like he would find me in there sitting in the dark. Well, maybe that's not too far-fetched, but anyways.

When I'm not in there, they go back to the rocking chair. They may have just missed me coming out of the the kitchen. You never know. When they finally stop wandering around, they end up in our room, by my side of the bed, staring in my face, poking me in the eye, and whispering to me, 

"Why are you sleeping?" 

Oh you know, just for the heck of it. I hear all the cool kids are doing it. There are benefits to sleeping. It's not just a myth. There's actual research out there. I've seen it, read it. One day, maybe, JUST MAYBE, I'll get to experience it. There are also benefits to waking up early. When they come out with their sleepy eyes and warm cheeks, I am the first one who gets to kiss and snuggle them. 

Plus, this is a much better view than my computer...
or the inside of my eyelids. 


  1. My 3yo just moved into her Big Girl Bed a few weeks ago. I was hoping it would help her sleep better (which it is, THANK GOD - FINALLY) but I didn't realize there would be another wonderful benefit...

    When she wakes up, she gets up and snuggles with me in my bed. It's amazing. My older daughter doesn't do this - she's a sleeper and we have to drag her out of bed. But the 3yo gets up at around 7:15 and if I'm still in bed, I get some quality snuggling. It's fabulous! :-)

    1. Awww! It is a great way to start the day! That's a great little memory you guys are making.

  2. That's adorable. On wekends my girl and I just stay in bed and snuggle with each other.
    While kids may be great, I think our way is better...

    1. Just extra people to snuggle with. They're warm and squishy and sometimes they pee in your bed by accident, Your way is better. :P

      Just be sure to have your slotted spoon. Aliens...remember?