Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Mags: "Don't just sit there! HUG HIM!"

My poor Tuck. It is so hard on him when my parents, Meme and Papa, have to drive or fly home. The kids have the same reactions every time. Tuck cries hard and Mags is his rock. She rubs his back, hugs him, and tries to distract him. I don't hide from either of them that I am sad, too. 

So, yesterday was the day. Meme and Papa were flying home. The night before, Tuck was NOT happy with me that he had to go to school. I explained to him that he would just be sitting in the car for close to four hours and that half of that time Meme and Papa would not be in the car. Tuck cried and told me that he was disappointed in me. Enter my dad. After a good heart to heart with his Papa, Tuck settled down and understood why he had to go to school. 

The morning came fast. I got up to write but got distracted by a fantastic story that my blogging friend, ODNT, had written (if you are a Hunger Games fan or heck, even if you haven't read it yet, it is well worth the trip over to her blog). I digress.

After a few moments of early morning 'me time', I heard the familiar shuffle of feet down the hall. I set my computer down and knew what he was going to do. My sleepy-eyed boy, who is now 3/4 my size, crawled into my lap like a little kitten. He curled himself as tight as he could into a ball. The silence was comfortable and warm. He just needed a little reassurance. Then he let it out, "I don't like when they leave." I promptly flooded his mind with all the fun adventures he had with them over the past five days and reminded him to think about those when he felt sad. 

My mom and dad were up early to get packed. We went about our usual morning routine of eating breakfast, getting dressed, brushing teeth, and driving to the bus stop. My dad came with Tuck and I for the drive. I was nervous. I thought for sure we were going to have a 'sit-in' at the bus stop. Tuck has done it before. He just sat and refused to move. Not this time. This time, he hugged my dad, hugged me, and then joined his friend in the bus line. He waved once and then never looked back. The relief was immense. I couldn't believe how easy it was. I was so proud of him!

Next stop: the airport. Mags was my back seat driver. We dropped Meme and Papa off. As we pulled away, waving to my parents, Mags started to cry. Very hard. I realized that she had no one to be a rock for. She wasn't distracted. Tuck wasn't there. So, I pulled over further up the 'departures' drop-off area and parked. I jumped out of the car and into the back seat to be HER rock. She needed it and I needed it. Of course, the 'you are sitting in this drop-off section too long' police wasted not time beeping at me and I was forced to move along. 

After some sobbing and hand holding, we turned up our radio loud and jammed to her favorite kid's music. It saved the day...or the moment at least. It wasn't long after we got home that we had to pick up Tuck. He skipped off the bus to the car. The second he opened the door and looked at me, I knew. He had held it together all day...and now that was over. The tears began to flow. Mags and I quickly jumped into action. She shouted orders and I followed them. Hugs were given, fruit snacks were eaten, and music was played on the radio. 

Then, of course, more hugs were given.

Along with the reminder that we only have to wait 
18 more days until we "Trot, Trot to Boston" for a visit! 


  1. I never realized how hard it is to be that far away from parents/grandparents. I lived at home until I got married, and moved about a mile away. And, of course, my Mom now lives with me. And Geno's dad is about a mile away too. And, of course, *his* mom now lives with me. But you handle it so well, and I wish I was there to join in the hug fest... :)

    1. You were there for me in spirit and text yesterday. For that, I am thankful! :P xo

  2. Very sweet that you were all there for each other!
    Darned parking cops...

    1. Thanks, Guapo. It seems as they get older, it gets harder to say good bye. I'm learning how to prep them and handle it better myself. ;)

  3. I'm very lucky to have my parents living in the same city. I feel like a wuss complaining that it's a 20 minute drive. Hugs to you guys. And thanks for the mention! :)