Friday, March 9, 2012


On Wednesday I was a guest on the Mom Up Show. It is a show about getting moms together to talk about real topics. The hosts are Soleil Moon Frye and Randi Zuckerberg who, despite their celebrity status, are down to earth parents. The episode this week was about bullying in schools and in social media.

You can view the show by clicking here: Mom Up Show Episode 3 


  1. Good blog post. I think about bullying all the time but from the side of the child that the school labels as a bully. It seems to me that society has taken conflict resolution away from children. We don't allow children to fight their own battles. When we were children we were expected to deal with the petty things (he took my pen), now the teacher sends the child to the office with a pink slip, the parents are called and it becomes a huge issue. Children don't know how to have verbal conversations to defuse the situation everything becomes everybodies business. There are no easy answers to this issue because we can't solve what we refuse to see that in our quest for more technology in school and in life we are losing interpersonal skills.

    1. Yes, teaching interpersonal skills is huge. I think, from what I read, that is a huge focus in a lot of these anti-bullying programs! :P