Tuesday, March 27, 2012


"Listen to me! Listen to me! Listen to me! Are you listening to me?"

"Yes, Mags. We hear you!" Every once in a while I see the 'Green Monstah' pop out of Mags. Saturday was one of those days. Chris was being all scholarly presenting to a group of educators, so the kids and I were on our own.

I pulled out the cornstarch, food coloring, and mixed in some water for a little Oobleck fun. It was a solid hour of them just playing in it, mixing it, and spilling it all over the floor. It was fantastic. Then there was a half-hour bath to let them soak the food coloring off of their hands. We chatted, they laughed, and of course, splashed. Life was good.

We decided to play on the floor making a puzzle. This was the moment Mags decided she had to be RIGHT next to me. I'm talking in-the-womb close. Tuck came over and sat on my other side. Then she began her process. An arm was laid  across my leg, just enough to reach over towards Tuck. Before long she was laying across my lap, ever so slightly pushing Tuck so he had to move over. At first he was patient. It seemed innocent enough. An accidental bump of her hand. After five or six of these 'bumps', Tuck snapped. 

"Enough Mags, I wanna sit next to Mama, too."  

Then I heard her say it. Quietly. Under her breath. 

"My Mama".

The screaming match began in the blink of an eye. 

"She's not just yours, Mags! She's my Mama, too!" 

It was like he was defending his title of first born. The 'I've known her longer' sort of thing. I was waiting for the claws to come out. Mags was not going to back down (no surprise there). She started throwing things out like, 

"You're too close. Mama doesn't like it when people get too close to her." 

What? In WalMart, yes. Not at home...with my KIDS. I quickly corrected the situation.

"Both of you are welcome to hug me or snuggle with me anytime. I have two legs and two arms...one for each of you." 

That settled them down. I reminded them both that in TWO months, Tuck was going to be home for summer vacation every single day (I'm so excited!). I had a feeling at that moment that it might be a bit rough for Mags getting acclimated to this. As much as she loves having him home, she has loved having me all to herself. Plus, she's four. So, you know, the world revolves around her and all that jazz. It was quiet after that. In typical boy fashion, Tuck had moved on from the incident. In typical diva fashion, I knew Mags was pondering and stewing.  

"But you don't love him more than me, right? You love us the same?" 

I reassured her that I only loved Tuck a little more than her. It was his blonde hair. I preferred it over the brunette. What? NO! Just making sure you're paying attention. After I reassured her for REAL that there was equal admiration and love flying around for them, she chilled out. We jumped on the couch and I turned on a show for us to watch...and they snuggled in. 

Of course, it might be a tight squeeze when the they're
18 and 16, but I'll make it work. 


  1. Yes, I was paying attention, which means you know exactly where the facepalm happened.
    Very cute story, and wonderful that you're kids get along so well!

  2. Haha! I do!
    They have their moments, but overall they get along really well.