Monday, March 19, 2012


Mags: "Mama, can I have some Cheez-Its."
Me: "No, Mags, dinner is almost ready."
Mags: "I'll just go ask Papa then."

I know this routine. It's adorable and I find it humorous. She'll approach my dad and ask for Cheez-Its. I'll hear him ask her, "What did Mama say?"  When she tells him the mean lady said "NO!", my dad will back me up. "Mama's right, it is almost time for dinner."  Then, when I go to the bathroom, he'll quickly go to the cabinet, take out a handful of Cheez-Its, and put them in his shirt pocket. Secret squirrel-like. My grandparents did the same thing. That's what they are there for. As my dad says, "You gotta let them win sometimes." It's true and a good reminder. 

I get so stuck in the day to day routine of running here, running there, answering this, answering that, cleaning this, cleaning that, running back here...that I sometimes forget to stop and take a second to laugh. When I watch my kids with my parents it revitalizes my "fun-ness". When they're here, not only do I get a chance to go to the bathroom by myself or be more than the mandatory 20 feet away from Mags, but I get to take a step back and watch my kids interact with other people. I really see their sweet, dynamic personalities shine through. 

The BELLY LAUGHING that rings through the house is contagious. I usually don't know what the four of them are laughing about, but it doesn't matter. A guffaw is a guffaw in my book. 

All I know is I'm secretly munching on some Cheez-Its...
cause the parents have to win sometimes, too! 


  1. Great post, as usual! Wonderful way to start my week - and cheez-its are now on the shopping list!

  2. Everybody wins and no one is upset?
    Get yourself to the Nobel Prize ceremony young lady!

    Does he get all the crumbs out of his pocket at the end?

    1. I've learned to chill over the years! ;)
      Ha! My dad always has something in his pockets. Candy, gum, 6.59 in change, Cheez-It crumbs. ;) He is always prepared. ;)