Wednesday, April 18, 2012

100 WORD SONG: Choose Wisely

This post is in response to Lance's 100 Word Song on My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. I've been intrigued by this writing community for weeks. I took the plunge this week to one of the weirdest songs I've ever heard. The rules are you listen to the song give and then write in EXACTLY 100 words that were inspired by the tune. This was a challenge for me and it pulled me out of my comfort zone. It's good to stretch every once in a while, though. Thanks, Lance! This is what flowed from my brain after hearing 'Lillies & Remains' by Bauhaus. 

Choose Wisely

The process is daunting. The task at hand is unnerving. Facing what you have turned from. What has made you. The choices that brought you here, to this valley of silence, is what you were longing for. Why question it? Just let it be. Life had become too loud and the blocks you were building with were swaying, threatening to topple at any moment. There was no other way than to let them collapse around you. Do take care in your selection of the placement of the pieces this time. To regain and rebuild is your goal. It’s your savior.


  1. That's great stuff, Mel! Nos I have to go listen to the song...

  2. Thanks, Guapo! Good luck listening!I had a hard time figuring out what the heck they were talking about at first. :)

  3. I LIKE HOW darkness is both the theme and main character. the somber prose is perfect. great intepretation.

    im over the moon you wrote

    1. Really, it was an honor you asked. Thanks for taking me out of my comfort zone. Truly. You can only grow as a writer if you stretch. :P

  4. ah, all the regrets right? All the new choices, I liked how what you saw in this song. (for me it was the weirdest song I'd ever heard...) but I enjoyed reading your take and thinking about my own choices. :)