Saturday, April 7, 2012


"So, the Easter Bunny doesn't come in my room to leave eggs, right? He's like Santa and the Leprechauns? He just stays out in the living room, right?"

As much as my kids still believe in the magic of whichever season we are in, they are comforted in the fact that it is just that. They really like the idea of the Easter Bunny coming to hide eggs around the house and candy for them to eat, but they don't want him in their rooms, well, at least Tuck doesn't.  Every year he has us reassure him over and over again that Santa, the leprechauns, and the Easter Bunny all stay out in the living room to do their thing. 

The thought of a six foot bunny or a man in a red suit in his room is overwhelming. I can see that. I wouldn't want a rather plump, old man rustling around my room in the middle of the night either. Since Mags has heard our song and dance about this subject since she was born, she doesn't question it as much. To be honest, I'm not sure she would really mind if they came into her room. She has a few stories she'd like to tell them. They could sit right down, she'd whip up a quick tea party, and they could stay up all night together chatting. 

However, I am pleased to report that after six years of explaining how these magical people and creatures come in really quick, drop their loot, and then move onto the next house, he believes us. Isn't that awesome? He has been so relaxed about it this Easter season. He hasn't stressed about it once. You know why? Because he has been so busy wiggling his loose tooth. That sucker is going to fall out in a few weeks for sure. Then we will leave the tooth under his pillow and at night the Tooth Fairy will fly into his....ruh-roh, Raggy!

Houston, we might  have a problem. Or...maybe we won't. I'm pretty sure Tuck might be a little bit more laid back about a sweet, little fairy fluttering in his room to trade his tooth for some money. If not, that's cool. We'll just leave it out in the living room like we do with the milk, cookies, and Easter baskets. Problem solved. 

The real question is....what is the going rate for a tooth these days? 
If you could help Chris and I out with this, we would be so grateful.
Let us know how much the Tooth Fairy left under 
your kid's pillow in the comments. 


  1. Ok - we do a dollar, but the advice in our local area ranged from a quarter to $10! I think a dollar is fine, it went in her savings each time. Now that she gets an allowance an extra buck here and there is nice.

  2. At chez Schiller the going rate was 50 cents but due to inflation it increased to $1.00...ALWAYSin quarters as a specialty from the lovely fairy. It was established early on that the tooth would sit on his nightstand, not under the our Griff's request!!

  3. I gave Seth $5 for his first tooth and $1 for each one after. Good luck!!

  4. We do $5. That way he can usually make a reasonably decent Target trip every two teeth or so.

  5. Thank you for all of your responses. This helps us out a lot! :)

  6. You can ask tuck where he thinks the tooth fairy comes in, and leave the tooth there.
    And how can you put a price on something like a child's tooth?
    (Read as I have no idea what a tooth is worth.)
    Good luck!

  7. At our house, it's four shiny quarters, and we didn't do anything special for the first one. For years, I had to tell Caroline the truth about Santa, because he terrified her. But now, she WANTS to believe, and I have to put up with the myth. Oy.

  8. At our house as the boys grew up, the tooth fairy always fell asleep and forgot so sometimes she would come while they were at school and if she was lucky, she had a buck in change. EPIC FAIL as a parent and the tooth fairy.

    Chloee lost her first tooth while we were visiting and I had to laugh that the tooth fairy there left whatever change they happened to have. LOVE IT

    At 5, she has no concept of what money is worth so it worked out.