Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Mags: "You know what Mama? I'm gonna hug and kiss my new fish every single day. Yep. I sure am. And I'm gonna bring him for walks in my baby carriage."

Oh goodness. That poor fish. Tuck quickly straightened Mags out with his detailed explanation of how fish have gills, need water, will die if they are in a baby carriage, no hugging, no kissing, that's gross, and so on. 

We bought new fish over the weekend. Usually our fish have a tank life of four to six months. The kids were so excited. Chris promised them he would set up the tanks when he got home from work. Since we are in Boston visiting family right now, he sent us some pictures of the set up. Great job, Chris! 

Of course, you can't really see the fish in the picture. Tuck noticed that right away and told me to text Daddy to ask him to send a picture of his fish, Tractor Beam III. I did, but never got a picture back. I chalked it up to him being busy at work and forgetting when he got home. To be fair, I had forgot all about it, too.

That is until last night, while we were doing FaceTime on the iPhone. Tuck remembered right away and asked Chris to show him his fish tank. We looked at it and our boy commented again how he couldn't see his fish. Chris started moving the camera on the phone around the tank so we could find the fish. Nope, that little bugger must have been hiding. Mags' old fish did that. They are really good at 'hide and seek', unlike someone else we know. CoughReadThisPostCough

We told Tuck the fish was probably just behind the big Nemo and reminded him how they like to squeeze into small spaces. We said good night and the kids bounded down the stairs to go watch a movie with my mom and dad. I lingered upstairs and tidied up a bit.

The phone rang again. I looked at it and noticed it was Chris. He must have forgotten to tell me something. I picked it up and he asked if the kids were around because he had to talk to me privately. My heart sank.

"Who died?" was the first thing out of my mouth. 

Since we were on FaceTime, he pointed the camera on the phone down and revealed the fish in one of Tuck's socks. The darn thing had jumped through a small hole in the top of the lid on the tank. He landed on a sock that was on Tuck's floor. 

Good thing for those seven day dead fish guarantees at the pet store. RIP Tractor Beam III, hello Tractor Beam IV. Shhhh, don't tell Tuck we are doing the buy a new fish trick while he's gone. Shhhh, don't tell the new fish what Mags said about hugging, kissing and taking them for walks.

Who knows? 
Maybe the fish heard her and couldn't handle the pressure. 

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