Monday, April 2, 2012



April Fool's has always been so much fun...for my husband. For the past twelve years we have been dating/engaged/married, he has managed to come up with some VERY clever pranks. They are always in good fun. Each year, I try as hard as I can to keep up and it never works. This year, I thought of a different tactic. I was going to go 'tit for tat' with him. When he did one, then I'd do one. I hung in for a while, but in the end, I had to hand it to him; he is the master of this day. 

I was proud to kick things off this year (there's a first time for everything). I folded a towel and soaked the top of the first fold. Then I laid it on the floor by his side of the bed. I knew he'd be coming to bed close to midnight, so it would definitely count. I did wake up enough to see him shaking his foot before climbing into bed. SCORE!

I woke up early the next morning. I came out...VERY CAREFULLY...and looked around. The coast was clear. I couldn't believe it! So I sat myself down, fired up my computer, and logged into email and my social sites. It didn't take long for me to find HIS first prank. My Facebook page was now in a different language. I kid you not... 

OK, pretty cute. He's a techie kind of guy, so I expected something along those lines. So, while he was still sleeping, I closed our bedroom door and tied a string to the knob. Once our daughter was up, I closed her door (which is adjacent to ours) and tied the other end of the string to her door knob. When he tried to open the door to come out, he encountered some difficulties. Maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh!

When I released him, he came out and we started to make breakfast. The kids found he had switched the bags of cereal in the boxes. Tuck poured Frosted Flakes rather than Trix. Both kids got a huge kick out of this. 

Then I got a text from a friend saying "Good luck today. I'll be thinking of you." She has seen the many years of Chris' April Fool's jokes on me. When I started to text back, I noticed my autocorrect had been tampered with. And, of course it was only with the necessary words you use a lot. There were shortcuts that were entered into my phone. I had no doubt who it was, as you can see...

Nicely played, Mr. B, but I still had a few more tricks up my sleeve. OK, one. One more and it was only 9:30AM. Chris went to take a shower. We were talking as he was getting ready to step in, so he didn't notice my prank at first. Then he looked down and gagged a little...

That, my friends, is Poop Soap. I recently did a post about all the ways my kids bring the word 'poop' into every day conversation. The woman who makes and sells this soap read my blog and offered me a sample. With April Fool's Day and our wedding anniversary both just around the corner, I had to decide which to use it for. It was very realistic dry, never mind how much more real it looks wet. She has a wide variety of types. This one is the 'Truckstop Turd'.  

There was a intermission in the pranks as we ran a few errands. After we got back, Chris told the kids he had a game for them. He sat them at the table and brought out four cups and three quarters. He told them to roll the quarter down their forehead to their nose and then try to drop it in the cup below them. He demonstrated it with his quarter a few times, then gave them each their own coins to try it out. I knew immediately this would be picture worthy, so I grabbed my camera. Sure enough...

By the late afternoon, I just wanted to be done with April Fool's for a little bit and make dinner. When we sat down to eat, Chris got the kids some milk. I was shocked when he handed them cups that seemed to be filled to the very top. That's an accident just BEGGING to happen. Tuck picked up his cup and commented on how heavy it was. He drank down a few sips and discovered there was a solid cup of ice below about only an inch of milk. He had frozen water in the cups the night before. The kids thought this was hilarious. With that prank, Chris was tapped out. 

The kids were really good sports about the pranks. They held up well throughout the day. After all, it was good training for the years to come. Chris has become more and more creative every year...but I have a feeling the kids will too. It won't be long until my dear husband has some real competition with these silly kids of ours. Then I'll have some help to keep up with him!

How was your April Fools Day?  Any good pranks you want to share?


  1. I like him. He's got a good sense of humor. You sound like a fun couple.

    we don't do april fools pranks here because my wife's birthday is April 1st. But we joke on each other the other 364 days of the year.

    1. Thanks and Happy Birthday to your wife!
      My husband is humorous for sure!

  2. Wow! Your family puts a lot of effort and thought into your pranks.

  3. I nominated you for an award today. You should really start working on your speech.

  4. Sounds like you had a great time on April Fools. Thanks for sharing! Now I have ideas for next year!