Friday, April 27, 2012


"Mama! Look what I made in art class! Guess what it is."

These words terrify me. I know this game and I am NOT good at it. It's the "Guess What I Drew" game. I always give it a good 'ole college try despite my fears, but it usually ends badly...for me. 

Yesterday was no different. It was like the art teacher had cleared out her "Tuck" folder of saved pieces of art. Most were easy to recognize and very creative. He has never been excited about drawing until this year. So, I always make sure I try my hardest to figure out the picture he is asking me to guess. I don't want to squash the little bit of artistic confidence he's gained. Did I mention I am not good at this? Anyways, Tuck walked over and handed me his impressive creation. Let the games begin!

Me: "Wow, Tuck. This is so colorful! Did you use watercolors?" (My attempt at distracting him from my confused look.)
Tuck: "Yep, I did." (Not giving an ounce of help!)
Me: "Ooh! I see the watercolors have sparkles in them." (I'm feeling my heart racing, desperately trying to see what it is.)
Tuck: "Yes, there were sparkles...and you're holding it the wrong way." 
Me: "Of course. I was just do distracted by the cool watercolors with sparkles." (Throw you mom a bone, kid. I'm looking for a few more SPECIFIC what it is. So, I turn it.)

Me:"That's better. (Not really) "This is just so colorful!" (I know I said that already) "Did you read a book before you painted this masterpiece?" (Great question, Mel.)
Tuck: "We read a story about an elephant. See his tusks?"
Me: (Breathing, the picture coming into focus. Wrinkly legs, ears, tail, and feet) "I totally see the elephant. Did he fall?" (I just might get it this time!)
Tuck: "No, he didn't fall. You're still holding it the wrong way."
Me: (Insert deflated balloon sound) "Here, Tuck, you hold it and show me. Describe to me what you drew. I want to hear all about it." (Much better plan. After 6 years of being a parent, I am finally catching on.)

Tuck: "Well, here's the elephant. He is galloping. See his two legs up front stretched out? Then his two legs in the back. There's his head, tusks, ear and his trunk at the very tip top."
Me: "And, he is running through the grass and trees, right?" (Gotta go with what you know.)
Tuck: "Exactly, Mama. You got it."
Me: "Well, this is a great galloping elephant. You know what we should do with him?" (Tape in hand.)
Tuck: "Hang him up!" 
Me: "Yes, Sir! And I know the perfect spot on the door."  (Looking back at Tuck  to make sure I put the elephant up the RIGHT WAY.)
Tuck: "He looks great up there!"
Me: "He sure does." (So relieved I taped him right side up.)

I think he fits in PERFECTLY, don't you? 


  1. Aidan is just beginning to bring me home artwork and whilst I love to receive the pieces they terrify me!!! For the minute I am managing to get away with "Oh its lovely Aidan so pretty, why dont you tell me all about it?".

    1. Lee keep it up! You learned way before me! Smart Mama!

  2. got the color right!
    And knowing that it's supposed to be an elephant, yeah, I can see it. Kind of...
    Great that you and his teachers encourage his imagination!