Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Today was an adventure in a great way. My wake-up call was 3:30AM and I've accomplished a lot since then. Let's see. I've flown with two small kids, went to breakfast with my parents, played with trucks and Legos, drank coffee with my mom, hugged my mom a hundred times, drove to the beach with my dad and the kids, got blown away by the wind there, drove to the less windy park, chased Tuck around while Mags screamed on the swings, "HIGHER, PAPA!" to my dad, watched my dad whip up a delicious meal, ate the meal, visited with my niece, watched a movie with the kids and my parents, called Chris to say good night, and then attempted to get the munchkins to settle down to go to sleep at 8:45PM . Like I said, today was sweet. There was a lot of laughter and excitement. 

However, if someone asked me right now what the highlight of today was, it would be this:

Mags was listening to my old iPod that we loaded up with her favorite music. She pulled it out of her princess suitcase, plugged in her headphones, navigated that little device like a pro, and began dancing. She danced her heart out. She wiggled, jumped, shook her head, and threw in a little air guitar for good measure. There were a few business men around me and one business woman. All of them were dressed in suits. All of them had huge smiles on their faces watching my four-year-old dance like no one was watching. I caught the tail end of her spontaneous performance on my iPhone. Everyone has a "bribe" file for their kids, right? Well, this one is going in mine. 

As well as in my "I really need something to make me smile today" file. 


  1. That's adorable!!! Definitely belongs in the "feel good" pile!

  2. I love how she looks at everything BUT the phone. I'm sure if she had seen you, she would have started hamming, where as it stands, every chord of that air guitar is authentic!

    1. She was so into it and free. Then she caught the eye of the business woman who was smiling ear to ear and she hammed it up even more. :)