Monday, May 21, 2012

100 WORD SONG: Alright

This post is in response to Lance's 100 Word Song. The song this week is from one of my favorites, The Beatles. I have some great memories with my brother, his car, and belting out their songs. I thought I would write on of these memories down. Enjoy! 


The door opens with a loud squeak, threatening to fall off the 30 year old hinges. The MGB is painted burnt orange red. The smell inside is of gasoline, exhaust, and dilapidated leather. As her brother turns the key, both say a prayer the engine and coordinating parts will cooperate today. It roars to life with a sputter. She’s the co-pilot and knows her place. They pull out of the driveway and she turns the wobbly radio knob to full blast. The Beatles blare out  of the strained speakers “’s gonna be alright, alright!”...and truer words were never spoken.


  1. The imagery is so vivid. I can small the gas and leather, feel the old car strain to start. Wonderful.