Sunday, May 27, 2012

100 WORD SONG: Drenched

This post is in response to Lance's 100 Word Song. The song was Lacuna Coil's 'Within Me'. As I watched the video and listened to the words, this is what came to me. It's darker than my usual writing, but that's how I took the song, so I stepped out of my comfort zone. That's the only way to grow, right? Thanks for pushing me, Lance. Thank you to my husband especially for being drenched in light.


The demon lay dormant deep within. It always possessed the threat of releasing its fury without warning, without hesitation. It’s monition summoned her attention when her screams for help became too close to the surface. Tortuous pain would admonish her for this behavior.

Her beauty was its mask. She was a beguiler. People passed her on the street, unaware of her imminent demise, her diminishing spirit. Her soul riddled with evil, her body haggard and jaded. Relinquishing control would make it go away. And then, just as it thought it was victorious, he came into her life, drenched in light.


  1. Amazing how people can unleash the bad in us. This is an excellent interpretation of the song. In fact, I think this is more of what the songwriters were channeling in themselves.

    Plus you used "monition".

    1. 'twas a dark time in my life. Writing can be such therapy!

  2. Well then, I'm sure glad he came.

    "Drenched in light." Awesome.

  3. wow, this was really awesome! I love the offset of her beauty vs her withering spirit and then the redemptiveness of someone made of light coming to be with her in the end.