Monday, May 7, 2012


Mags: "Giddy-up, Horsey!"

Isn't it so cute when your kids ask to ride on your back like a horse? Then you gallop them up and down the hallway a few times as they giggle and neigh and then you say, "Whew. This horsey is TIIIIIIIRED." After that you go on our merry way playing a new game. No harm. No foul. Yep. Super fun. Unless you are running like a horse for a mile. 

Yesterday my husband did a local 5K. We were excited to do it because it was a smaller race with friends of ours and they also had a 1 mile walk/run for the kids...and me. Tuck is a natural runner. If you put him in an open field, he is going to take off. Mags...well...she is more of a swimmer. We all have our talents. 

I honestly don't know what I was thinking. I knew as soon as they shouted, "Ready, set, go!" Tuck would be gone. Mags hung for about 100 yards and then stopped. The course was a series of loops, but it also had curves and turns where I was not able to see my boy. This didn't sit well with me. I wanted to keep up as best I could, but I didn't want to discourage my little swimmer girl. We walked for about 20 seconds as I watched the gap grow between Tuck and us. He was coming up to one of the places where I wasn't able to see him so I yelled for him to stop. He was mad, but did what I asked. Then Mags said, "Can you just run with me on your back?" 

I immediately bent down and she crawled on. How hard could it be carrying 34 pounds on my back for a mile? Well, that answer came quick. I've been a runner since high school, so I thought I'd be fine. Holy guacamole. That hurt. I caught up to Tuck while Mags' bony little arms constricted around my neck. Between the oxygen deprivation and the burning that screamed from my legs I thought I was going to pass out. Once we hit the final turn it was a huge horseshoe shape to the finish. This was a good thing because then I could let Tuck go and watch him make his way around the half-circle to the finish. Mags  finally loosened her grip and we trotted along. 

We cheered really loud and obnoxious-like as Captain Runner Pants crossed the finish. That's when Mags decided she was ready to get down and run it in. 

"Come on Mags, you can do it!" 

Tuck was at the finish clapping and jumping up and down for her. She really turned on the jets those last 100 yards. Me? I was behind her taking pictures and trying to breath through my partially crushed wind pipe. In the end, we all had a blast! Tuck came in 2nd place for the 1 mile and Chris came in 3rd for the 5K. And honestly, there's only one thing to say to that. 

Yippee Ki-Ay
(Extra points for you if you can name the movie)


  1. die hard

    Congrats to your huzbin for his run. I'm doing a 10K on July 4th. May warm up for it with a 5K in June.

    this sounded like a great day

    1. Thanks so much. It was a small group of people that ran the race, so it was a nice atmosphere. My husband is new to racing (this is his 2nd) so I was proud of him for doing it and winning me a gift card for tacos. :P

      It was a great day. Awesome! Can't wait to hear about your 10K. That was my race in college. :) Have fun!

  2. Love these family portraits you bring us! You must have the happiest family in the blogosphere.

    1. Oh, Guap. You are so sweet, especially after the day I've had with the kids. I was Hulk. Tomorrow is a new day. :)